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10 Important Things We Need to Know About Our Blood Type

As you already know, our blood type is determined by birth. There are exactly four base blood types, namely, AB, O, B, or A. But did you knew that every blood type determines a few own characteristics to its carrier?

Yes, that’s right. Experts claim that every blood type has unique characteristics from the others.

And, in this article we will review some of the most important aspects related to blood types:

Offspring and Blood Type

When two parents conceive a child, their child inherits their blood type. But, there’s more. 85% of the population has a Rh positive blood type (A+, B+, AB+ and O+). And if the mother particularly has a blood type that is Rh negative, and the father has a blood type that is Rh positive, there is a significant risk that in the future, the child will develop problems related to health.

Illnesses and Blood Type

Each blood type has a particular condition or disease that is more apt to developing. You should find out the conditions that have increased risk with your blood type.

Nutrition and Blood Type

Every blood type has a different reaction to certain foods. Individuals with type A, for example, can lose more weight if they focus on eating vegetables. Individuals with type O should ingest more proteins like poultry and fish.

If AB is your blood type, then you should try to eat more lean meat and seafood. Finally, blood type B people should just give into red meat.

Blood Antigens

Blood antigens are present in other places in your body other than the blood. Antigens also exist in the lungs, nostrils, digestive tract, mouth, and the colon.

Stress and Blood Type

If you carry the blood type O, you are more likely to get very irritated in short time. This is because people with blood type O have increased adrenalin level. As a result, they usually need more time to relax following a stressful event.

Weight Problems and Blood

Your blood can also predict your weight problems. For instance, if you have blood type O, you are more susceptible to belly fat. On the other hand, if one has blood type A one tends to have fewer issues with belly fat.

Pregnancy and Blood Type

Women with blood type AB can conceive much easier than others. This is because they produce less follicle, which can help the mother to conceive easier.

Emergencies and Blood Type

If you even need a blood transfusion, remember that people with blood type O RH negative are universal donors. On the other end, individuals with blood type AB can receive blood from any type. This information could potentially be of value regarding emergency cases.

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