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11 Ways You’re Brushing Your Teeth all Wrong

Research shows that one in four adults don’t brush twice a day, only 31% of adults use mouthwash and just 21% of adults use dental floss regularly.

Here are 11 secrets for keeping your teeth white and healthy:

1. Your toothbrush bristles aren’t soft enough. Those bristles are often too harsh for your teeth and gums, so most dentists don’t recommend them.

Instead, choose soft or ultra-soft bristles that can gently get down under the gum line.

2. You also want the head of the brush to be small enough to easily reach all your teeth.

3. You’re brushing too hard. Go hard or go home doesn’t apply to brushing your teeth. They get just as clean when you brush gently, and it’s better for your gums.

4. Brushing up and down isn’t good for your gums. Try brushing in small circles instead.

5. Tilt the brush to a 45-degree angle so it hits your tooth and gum line at the same time.

6. The American Dental Association (ADA) says you should brush for at least two minutes (twice a day). Some dentists recommend going up to four minutes.

7. Brush your tongue for fresher breath. According to the ADA, studies have shown that just brushing your tongue can reduce bad breath by as much as 70 percent.

8. Sensitive or bleeding gums? Use a rotating toothbrush. If you have just started flossing, your gums may be sore and might bleed but if you get into the routine of flossing then after a week or so the bleeding should stop.

If you find your gums still bleed, see a dentist.

9. Choose alcohol free mouthwash. Alcohol is the main ingredient in a lot of products on the market because of its high ability to kill bad bacteria but it also kills good bacteria in the mouth.

10. Brush before breakfast. Make sure you get your brushing out of the way before you eat in the morning.

This is the ideal time as tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in our mouths using the food we eat to produce acid causing our teeth to decay.

11. Avoid eating for an hour before bed. This is so the saliva in your mouth has a chance to clear away food debris and neutralise acid.