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12 Health Benefits Of Lemons And Limes That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Lemon is a small citrus fruit; it’s approximately about two to three inches in diameter and oval shaped. It has a bright yellow coloured outer peel and its taste is acidic and sour but as it is consumed it becomes alkaline in the gut. Lemon contains an essential oil known as limonene.

Lime is also a citrus fruit that is equally small in size, its shape is similar to an orange but its peel and flesh is predominantly green in colour. Just like lemon lime is acidic and sour in taste but will become alkaline in the stomach when consumed.

When these fruits are added to your regular drinks or smoothies they will make it zesty and they are great for boosting your immune system and they also help to detoxify your body.

What are their nutritional benefits?

Lemon and lime both have very similar nutritional benefits. They are both rich in folate, flavonoids, potassium, limonene, phytochemicals, vitamin C and B6.

The limonene is lemon and lime has excellent anticancer properties, it will boost the enzyme levels in the body that help to detoxify carcinogens.

The health benefits of lemon and lime 

They both have excellent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant properties. Lemon and limes have effective detoxifiers which have anti-biotic properties that are potent against bacterial contamination.

1. Effective against asthma:  To relieve your asthma just take one tablespoon of lemon juice one hour prior to your daily meals.

2. Remedy for burning feet/soles:  To provide relief from that burning sensation to your feet or to its soles just rub a slice of lemon on it. It is also effective for the elimination of toxins through the pores of your feet.

3. Effective against cholera:  Lemon and lime has excellent anti-viral properties that are effective against cholera bacilli the bacteria responsible for cholera. In a cholera outbreak drinking one part of lemon or lime juice and one part clean drinking water at regular intervals will help you combat the disease.

4. Relief from common cold:  Lemon and lime have excellent anti-viral properties that help to combat the common cold. Just mix the juice of two lemons in hot water (1/2 liter) and include raw natural honey to the mix. Drink this recipe before you go to bed, don’t rush it just take sips.

5. Lemon/lime relieves constipation:  You can detoxify your body and get relief from constipation if you drink early in the morning a glass of lemon/lime juice mixed in warm water with raw natural honey. If you like you can add a dash of cinnamon powder for extra flavor.

6. They aid proper digestion:  They have components that act in the same way as our digestive enzymes and can help ease belching and bloating symptoms.

7. Great for relaxing your feet:  When you get back from a hard day at work you can relax your feet nerves by soaking your feet in a mixture of warm water and lemon/lime juice. You will immediately feel relaxed and it can even induce sleep.

8. Lemon/lime will soothe swollen gums: To soothe swollen gums and to ease the pains associated with it, you can mix lime juice with a pinch of salt in a glass and drink. You can also rub the albedo (i.e. the white flesh under the lime peel) directly on your gums; it will reduce swelling and ease the pain.

9. To relieve your heartburn:  To provide relief from heartburn; just stir into a glass of warm water, two teaspoons of concentrated lemon/lime juice and drink.

10. Lemon/lime juice will provide relief from inflammatory disorders:  Lemon/lime juice can help prevent gout and the deposit of uric acid in your tissues. It will alkalize the body when ingested and is effective in the treatment of inflammatory disorders such as; sciatica, arthritis and rheumatism.

11. It will moisturize dry, scaly skin:  You can moisturize your skin and restore its supple ness by rubbing the peel of a lemon on it.

12. Sooth your sore throat with lemon/lime:  Gargle in the morning and at night a mixture of a pinch of salt, one part of lemon juice and one part of warm water to soothe your sore throat concerns.

Here are some consumption tips for you:

  • Use only organic lemon/lime as the GMO ones have pesticides on them that are difficult to rinse especially if you intend juicing by blending the entire fruit.
  • You will get limonene mostly from the albedo, so it is advisable to wash the fruit well and blend it after cutting it in pieces but as a whole fruit to derive the full nutritional benefits of it.
  • Try adding cut pieces of lemon/lime to your drinking water or juice to alkalize your body. You will also increase your body’s level of absorption by as much as five times!
  • You can pour lemon/lime juice in an ice-tray to make ice-cube from them which you can add to your water or drinks.
  • You can store lemon/lime in a fridge for two weeks with its taste intake after this time it will lose its taste and flavor.
  • Ensure that you carefully observe the lemon you buy, check for four to five lines that emanate from its stem as the more the lines, the greater the lemon’s mineral composition.

Exercise some caution

It’s important to note that some people are allergic to the peel of citrus fruits and so if you are one you should stay clear of lemon/lime and visit your doctor for advice on other alternatives.

You should take lemon/lime in moderation and don’t abuse it.