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31 Benefits Of Taking Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is the oil extracted from the liver of Atlantic cod, scientifically called Gadus morhua. It is packed with omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) and contains solid amounts of vitamins A and D.  Cod liver oil is typically taken as dietary supplement, and for a very good reason!

Its first medical use goes back to 1789, when Dr Darbey of the Manchester Infirmary in England started to use cod liver oil to address the symptoms of rheumatism. In 1824, it was often used to treat rickets, and by the 1930s its medicinal properties were recognized by eminent doctors who started giving it to children to prevent rickets and conditions caused by deficiency in vitamin D.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many differences between cod liver and regular fish oil. The first one is extracted specifically from the livers of cod, while the latter is extracted from the tissue of deep oily fish like salmon, cod, mackerel, trout, and tuna. Cod liver contains lower amounts of omega-3 fats compared to fish oils, but larger amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.

Apart from having a robust nutritional profile, studies have shown that cod liver oil may possess certain important therapeutic properties. As such, it`s no wonder it provides countless uses and benefits! Here are the top 31 benefits of taking cod liver oil:

1. The combination of vitamin D and calcium prevents fractures in elderly

2. It lowers bad cholesterol and it increases good one, keeping overall cholesterol in check

3. It prevents cancer, particularly skin, prostate, lung, and lymphoma cancer

4. It reduces inflammation

5. It lowers the risk of lupus

6. It treats headaches and migraines

7. It prevents heart-related problems

8. It improves digestion and promotes healthy bowel movements

9. It prevents and treats tuberculosis

10. It improves brain function, boosts memory, and prevents neuro damages

11. It reduces triglyceride levels

12. It prevents birth defects due to its high vitamin D content

13. It moisturizes the skin and treats psoriasis

14. It protects the kidneys against any damage

15. It treats hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure

16. It works as great Chron`s disease supplement

17. It treats eye-related issues and keeps vision healthy

18. It accelerates the healing process of wounds and burns

19. It keeps the inner ear safe and prevents infections

20. It reduces scars and brightens dark spots,

21. It soothes itchiness and treats dry skin

22. It boosts the immune system

23. It prevents ulcers from forming

24. It treats muscle pain

25. It stimulates the hormones responsible for metabolism and weight loss

26. It keeps the brain healthy and it helps treat ADHD and depression

27. It lowers the risk of diabetes type I in both adults and children

28. It treats rickets

29. It keeps the liver healthy and protects it against any damage

30. It removes joint pain and problems with stiff joints

31. It works as great alternative treatment for arthritis

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