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4 Ways to Make a Healthy Grilled Cheese (Yes, It Exists!)

There’s nothing like a solid grilled cheese sandwich to make you feel satisfied. Sure, the combination is super simple, but there’s something about toasted bread with melty cheese that makes the childhood dish a sure win for your tastebuds. Unfortunately, the comfort food isn’t as friendly on your waistline. A standard diner-made grilled cheese is often loaded with calories, thanks to thick slices of bread that are coated in butter to achieve an extra-crispy crust. And since a serving of cheese is only about 1.5 ounces, the sandwich on your plate is likely packing way more mozzarella (or cheddar or American) than you need. 

The good news is that making your own grilled cheese at home puts the power in your hands. You can opt to add good-for-you toppings and go lighter on the cheese while still keeping the sandwich delicious. In fact, choosing your own ingredients can actually kick the classic meal up a notch. Healthy additions can help to put a grown-up spin on the tried and true recipe—and make it better for you, too. 

That’s why we’re rounding up four of our favorite ways to upgrade your grilled cheese game. In this video, you’ll see how to add nutrient-rich ingredients like vitamin C-packed red peppers, protein-rich turkey bacon (reach for a low-salt version), and naturally sweet apples to make healthy grilled cheese sandwiches. The result is four different types of healthy grilled cheese that taste just as good as the original and deliver benefits too.

Get your griddle ready, we have a feeling you’ll want to cook up all four versions.

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