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5 Drinks on Keto Diet: Love Low-Carb Smoothies

All of those who are on Keto diet, it’s summer now, and you must be searching for low-carb drinks. We have put together the working drinks that you must start in summer. These beverages are capable of beating the summer heat and a perfect addition to your party cocktail and a family beach fun.

Low-carb drinks do not need to be water, coffee or tea only but it extends to many drinks. Only adding few elements & with a little creativity, you can make a healthy and delicious Keto drink.  The drinks provided here, you can enjoy at gym, swimming, in breakfast or during any season.

Keto Diet Needs These Drinks:

When you consume drinks in Keto diet, other than particulars, high level of carbohydrates and soda, you intake. This is how; you must know what ingredients you are using on a Keto diet.

For instance, only start with water, as it is a primary drink. Also, water makes the base for all the foods; you take, during a diet.

Fruit drinks usually contain high carbohydrate level, i.e. fructose but with some customization, they can be made low-carb drinks. The refreshing, low-calorie drinks are health gaining, on Keto diet.

1. Strawberry Lemonade

It’s a holiday season, what to drink? A very natural question, think about strawberry lemonade! Whoa, A pretty cool idea in the hot summer.

How Can You Make It?

Simply follow these instructions and get a delicious, crisp and refreshing beverage.

Take 2 cups of fresh strawberry, 2 quarts of water, a few fresh basil leaves and a bit stevia, if you like.

  1. Blend strawberry, basil leaves, stevia and water together, until smooth.
  2. Add few drops of lemon, if you love it
  3. Strain the pulp, if you dislike that

A good level freshness with cool flavor of strawberry will open up your mind. Per serving of strawberry lemonade contains 08 calories.

2. Sugar-Free Berry Chia Fresca

Another great option for you is sugar-free berry Chia Fresca. The drink is made with chia seeds, sugar, and juice, i.e. a super food in Keto diet.

Take 2 cups water, 2 tablespoon chia seeds, ¼ cup frozen berries (you can take raspberries too), and any sweetener to taste.

How Can You Make It?

  1. using a blender add water, blitz the berries that are in frozen form and add sweetener
  2. Now put in chia seeds in a couple of time, to break, you can add whole chia seeds and shake it
  3. Place the smoothie chia Fresca in a fridge for 15-20 minutes, to sit the elements, so that chia seeds swell and absorb water
  4. Stir once before enjoying it

The said seeds are super high in protein, rich in fiber, contain omega-3 and show gelatinous nature in liquid. Amount per serving contains 64 calories, of which dietary fiber is 22%.

3. Cucumber Mint Infused Water

Keeping body hydrated is crucial on a Keto diet, but sometimes plain water is boring. Not a big problem, here is an interesting drink that can make your day celebrated.

The easy recipe is here; it’s simply variable. Modifications are right; you can add elements as per your taste.  Customization won’t make a difference. For this recipe, all that you need is mint, cucumber, and water.

Take 15 grams mint leaves, discard the stems. Take 1 cucumber, peel it and make thin slices, and 2 quarts water

How You Can Make It?

  1. Place the mint leaves in the bowl, mash them with a wooden spoon to extract mint juice.
  2. Add the thinly sliced cucumber in it,
  3. Stir and add water
  4. Place the infused water in the refrigerator for an hour

The fresh Keto drink is just perfect to beat up the hot summer and add taste to your buds. Amount per serving contains only 03 calories.

5. Almond-Strawberry Italian Soda

Do you love almond milk? A great nutritious liquid, famous historically and add the creamy texture to the food, you use in. It is a fizzy fun to add variety to your drinks, so here soda is also an ingredient. All of us love milkshakes, and with the combination of soda and almond milk, it’s just yummy and perfect for summer.

Italian drinks have their roots in America, not in Italy. This particular drink was started in the mid-1920s by ‘Torani.’ They love to make such syrups, and a refreshing sparkling water made their evenings. People in San Francisco loved it in cafes and beach area.

All that you need for it is 177 g club soda, 2 tablespoon strawberry syrup (you can take fresh strawberry as well), 1 tablespoon water, 1 tablespoon almond milk or syrup, and 59 g whipped cream. If you love to add sugar, add granulated sugar 1 tablespoon.

How Can You Make It?

  1. Place strawberries (or syrup), water, granulated sugar, and almond milk in the food processor.
  2. Blend well until smoothie catch you
  3. Add ice cubes in glass
  4. Drizzle cream in the glass
  5. Pour the smoothie into glass and add soda water
  6. Enjoy the perfect taste!

The tasty, refreshing flavored drink contains only calories from cream, i.e. 205 calories per serving. If you’re strict on a diet, remove cream from the recipe and enjoy delicious natural Keto drink.

6. Vanilla Cocktail-Old Pattern Smoothie

Here comes the most classic drink of the list. Indeed, it’s a sweet twist in the story with the added vanilla being the old fashioned element.

The delicate vanilla flavor provides a boost to the drink and a little sweetness. Lots of enjoyment with the simple recipe will make your day, with no heavy feelings but satisfy your need for sweet.

Take a bit orange peel about 1 inch, 2 ounces bourbon, 1-inch vanilla bean-break and split it, 1 tablespoon vanilla syrup, 2-3 drops orange water to enhance the taste and club soda (on your discretion).

How Can You Make It?

  1. Jumble the vanilla bean and orange peel in a glass
  2. Put vanilla syrup, bourbon, and orange water
  3. Add ice and stir well
  4. Make topping with one ounce of club soda
  5. Chill and serve

This cocktail is not carried out up of heavy ingredients, and you will experience a high-quality Keto drink. Bourbon has calories but no carbs, and it offers a good balance between dry and sweet. It provides caramel and vanilla soft touch. Amount per serving contains 131 calories.

All the rocky glasses once tried, will offer you real satisfaction on Keto diet. Not particularly, they can make otherwise, if you bewilder how to lose weight. With this great addition to your drinks’ list, you can enjoy, chill and do fun, while on holiday, in celebrations or evening parties. Cheers!

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