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5 exercises to help you get skinnier thighs. These can all be done right at home!

The truth is inevitable, getting luscious pair of legs which you can show off anytime is the dream of every woman.  The bad news: you need to put in the work. The good news: it is definitely worth it!

There are many different exercises which are touted for being effective at shaping our legs.But, what about those who are pressed for time or simply cannot afford regular visits to the gym? While we are also taught that certain foods should be avoided to keep our legs thin, the truth is the people rarely keep track of the foods they cannot eat.

This article presents the top 5 workout routines which will make your legs skinnier.  When combined with healthy diet, their effects are even more enhanced.

1.      Single-Leg Circles

  • Lay on your back with your arms to the side on the ground
  • Lift the right leg upwards, making it perpendicular to the body
  • Extend the left leg, keeping it flat on the ground
  • Rotate the right leg in circular motion, keeping it pointed up
  • Rotate the leg 10 times clockwise, while keeping the hips still
  • Then, rotate it 10 times counterclockwise
  • To the same with the opposite leg
  • Do 3 repetitions

2.      Lateral Lunge Side Kick

  • Stand with your arms on the sides
  • Bend the knees to a 90-degree angle to get into a squat position
  • Step the right foot out while bending the left knee
  • Push off the left knee and then kick the right foot out. Keep the right leg fully extended and the back straight while kicking
  • Bring the right leg into the squat position and do this 10 times
  • Do the same on the opposite side
  • Do 3 repetitions

3.      Wall Sit

  • Stand straight up against the wall
  • Move the feet out two feet away from the wall
  • Lower the back while keeping it against the wall
  • Bend the knees so that you the thighs are perpendicular to the legs, just like when you are sitting on a chair
  • Hold for half a minute
  • Do 5 repetitions

4.      Seated Leg Raises

  • Sit on the floor, keeping the back against the wall and the legs straightened out on the floor
  • Lift the right leg as high as possible while keeping both legs straight
  • Lower the right leg to the floor
  • Do this 20 times
  • Do the same on the opposite leg

5.      Knee Bends and Squat

  • Stand straight up and lower the butt while turning the toes out
  • Keep the upper body straight
  • Bend the knees at a 90-degree angle to get into a squat position
  • Bend the knees inwards while keeping the upper body and the feet unmovable
  • Do this 10 times
  • Do 10 repetitions

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