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5 habits that restore brain cells

How can I repair brain cells

Neurogenesis – is a truly remarkable process by which our brain can stimulate the creation of new neurons and their connections.

Perhaps you will find this somewhat contradictory. After all, quite recently, in scientific circles, the idea was actively supported that with age the human brain loses its nerve cells: they simply collapse and the consequences are irreversible.

Moreover, it was assumed that trauma or alcohol abuse doomed a person to the inevitable loss of flexibility of consciousness (maneuverability and brain activity), which characterizes a healthy person adhering to the same healthy habits.

But today a step has already been taken towards a word that gives us hope: the word is neuroplasticity.

Yes, it is absolutely true that with age our brain changes, that injuries and bad habits (alcohol, tobacco) harm it. But the brain has the ability to regenerate, it can again create nerve tissues and bridges-connections between them.

But in order for this amazing action to happen, it is necessary for a person to act, so that he is active and in every way stimulates the natural abilities of his brain.

  • everything you do and what you think is reorganizing your brain
  • the human brain weighs only a kilo and a half, and at the same time consumes almost 20% of the total energy in the body
  • everything we do — read, study, or even just talk to someone — causes amazing changes in the structure of the brain. That is absolutely everything that we do and what we think is beneficial.
  • if our daily life is filled with stress or anxiety, which literally captures us, then, as a rule, such regions as the hippocampus (associated with memory) are inevitably affected
  • the brain is like a sculpture that is shaped from our emotions, thoughts, actions, and daily habits
  • such an internal map requires a huge number of “links”, connections, “bridges” and “highways”, as well as strong impulses that allow us to stay connected with reality

Next, we will try to explain how to improve your quality of life by focusing on brain health.

5 principles to stimulate neurogenesis

1. Physical exercise

Physical activity and neurogenesis are directly related.

Whenever we make our body work (whether it be a walk, a swim, or a workout in the gym), we help oxygenate our brain, that is, we saturate it with oxygen.

  • In addition to the fact that more pure and more oxygenated blood flows to the brain, the production of endorphins is also stimulated.
  • Endorphins improve our mood, and thus, we can deal with stress, allowing us to strengthen many nervous structures.

In other words, any activity that reduces the level of stress contributes to neurogenesis. You just have to find a suitable type of activity (dancing, walking, cycling, etc.).

2. Prayer

The benefits to our brain are indisputable. The effect is as amazing as beautiful:

  • It allows us to better understand the reality and correctly direct our anxieties, manage stress.

3. Diet

One of the main enemies for brain health is food rich in saturated fats. Consumption of convenience foods and non-natural foods slows neurogenesis.

  • It is very important to try to stick to a low-calorie diet. But at the same time, food should be varied and balanced so that there is no nutritional deficiency.
  • Always remember that our brain needs energy, and in the mornings, for example, it will be very grateful to us for something sweet.
  • Nevertheless, it is desirable to provide this glucose by means of a piece of fruit or dark chocolate, a spoon of honey or a cup of oatmeal …
  • And foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are undoubtedly the most suitable for maintaining and activating neurogenesis.

4. Sex

Sex is another great architect of our brain, the natural engine of neurogenesis. Can’t guess the reason for this connection? And the thing is this:

  • Sex not only relieves tension and regulates stress, but also provides us with a powerful energy charge, which stimulates the brain regions responsible for memory.
  • And hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, or oxytocin, produced at times of sexual intercourse with a partner, are beneficial for creating new nerve cells.

5. Flexible mind – strong brain

There are many ways to maintain the flexibility of the mind. To do this, you need to try to keep it awake, then it will be able to quickly “process” all incoming data (which comes from the environment).

This can be achieved through various activities. Leaving aside the above-mentioned physical activities, we note the following:

  • reading – read every day, it supports your interest and inquisitiveness to everything happening around (and to new disciplines, in particular).
  • studying of foreign language.
  • playing a musical instrument.
  • critical perception of things, the search for truth.
  • open mind, susceptibility to everything around, socialization, travel, discovery, hobbies.

In conclusion, we note that all these 5 principles, about which we spoke, in fact, are not at all as complex as could have been supposed. Try to put them into practice and take care of the health of your brain.