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5 Shocking Drinks That Have More Sugar Than Soda

You feel like you’re doing everything right. You are trying to make better food choices, you have cut out soda from your diet, and you have switched to drinks that seem to be healthier than soda that comes packed with chemicals and sugars.

However, even healthy drinks aren’t all they are cut out to be. When you start to look into beverages that claim to be good for your health, you may find that many of them are actually worse than soda. Check out the list below, and if any of these drinks are in your diet, find out how to replace them with better beverage choices.

What to Look For

It’s helpful to look at a list of products and know which ones are safe and which ones you should avoid, but it’s even better if you can evaluate food and beverages yourself. By finding out what to look for on a label, you can empower yourself to make healthy choices for yourself and your family.

Sugar content is a huge factor in drink health. The American Heart Association recommends that men consume no more than 37.5 grams of sugar per day, and only 25 grams per day for women. Children really don’t need any added sugar in their diet.

It’s also important to look for artificial coloring or flavoring in your drinks. These additives have not been studied nearly as much as they should be, so they do not belong in your body.

1. Naked Juice Energy Smoothie

Smoothies are good for you, right? Not all smoothies are created equal. This particular smoothie, which is only 15 ounces, has 53 grams of sugar. This is more than two times what is recommended by the American Heart Association for women.

2. Sobe Power Fruit Juice

The title for this drink is shockingly misleading. It does not make you powerful, and it can barely even be considered juice. One bottle of this stuff has 60 grams of sugar. That’s the same amount of sugar you would get in 13 Oreos, and you’d probably enjoy the Oreos more.

3. Lipton Iced Tea

The sugar content of Lipton Iced Tea is very surprising, given that you would assume this drink has less sugar than soda. However, one bottle of this tea has 53 g of sugar.

4. Gatorade

Very few people need Gatorade, as the vast majority of people do not sweat enough to put their electrolyte levels out of balance. Even if you do, though, a homemade electrolyte drink is better. Sugar is one of the main ingredients in Gatorade, and that’s not even mentioning the artificial coloring.

5. Minute Maid Apple Juice

Apple juice is delicious as it is, so there is really no reason that Minute Maid apple juice should have 49 grams of sugar.

Better Drink Choices

Of course, the best beverage selection you can make is water. In fact, that should make up the majority of the beverages you drink every day.

However, you can still enjoy a tasty drink and not wreck your diet. Homemade smoothies are a smart choice, since you can limit the sugar content by carefully selecting your ingredients. You can also look for iced tea without added sugar and fruit juice without added sweeteners.