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25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods That Are Smarter Than Chemo and Radiation

A recent scientific report has revealed 25 of the best foods and herbs which have the ability to eliminate cancer stem cells which are the basic reason of cancer malignancy.

Scientists have tested and studies literally thousands of natural compounds in order to determine their anti-cancer properties.

However, only a small number of these compounds have shown the ability to identify and eliminate cancer stem cells which are located at the center of cancer malignancy. For example, turmeric has proven to be very effective in killing cancer stem cells located in the heart of tumors.

Not while ago, a pre-clinical trial has determined that ginger comes with a compound that is 10.000 times more efficient compared to Taxol (a chemotherapy drug) when It comes to elimination of breast cancer stem cells. The interesting part is that even some foods that we eat commonly like blueberry come with great cancer eliminating properties.

A recently published study in the reputable Anticancer Research journal, has simplified the task of finding the special foods that act as cancer killers. This study has analyzed all the scientific studies and research focused on foods that can help cancer patients and they have come up with a list of 25 unique cancer stem cell killing foods. The following is a list of all these compounds and examples of dietary sources we can use to get them.

25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods

  1. Ginger – 6-gingerol
  2. Green tea – epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG
  3. Turmeric – curcumin
  4. Coffee, red clover, soy – flavonoids especially genistein.
  5. Raspberry, blueberry – delphinidin
  6. Leafy green vegetables, carrot – beta-carotene
  7. Corn lily (we don’t recommend eating this plant, we just emphasize the fact that this plant contains components that can eliminate cancer stem cells) – cyclopamine
  8. Chinese skullcap – baicalein
  9. Mint – linalool
  10. Cottonseed (we don’t recommend eating this plant, we just emphasize the fact that this plant contains components that can eliminate cancer stem cells) – gossypol
  11. Feverfew – parthenolide
  12. Cruciferous veggies – isothiocyanates
  13. Tomato, grapefruit – lycopene
  14. Myrrh tree (commiphora) – guggulsterone
  15. Platycodon grandiflorus – placycodonsaponin
  16. Black pepper – piperine
  17. Psoraleacorylilyfolia – psoralidin
  18. Lavender, cherry, mint – perillyl alcohol
  19. Berries, plums, grapes – resveratrol
  20. Onion, capers – quercetin
  21. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) – withaferin A
  22. Oregano, basil, thyme – ursolic acid
  23. Streptomyces albus – salinomycin
  24. Cod liver oil beef, egg yolk, fish – vitamin D3
  25. Milk thistle – silibinin.

What Makes These Substances So Special?

The basic reason why radiotherapy and chemotherapy didn’t manage to provide any breakthrough in cure for cancer is the fact that cancer stem cells are usually resistant to this type of therapy. As a matter of fact, chemotherapy and radiation are able to increase the number and negative effects of these cells in cancerous tumors and in addition, they can damage the healthy cells and immunity in patients.

It seems that the cancer industry is not yet prepared to talk about these side effects and they are not actively looking for a solution for these problems which makes their work very unethical. On the other hand, there is a growing number of people who are practicing healing that are prepared to accept the truth and they are interested in looking for alternative solution to protect individuals from cancer and to treat the ones that are already dealing with cancer by using plants and foods.

The aforementioned study has made few things related to cancer stem cells clear. According to this study, the model of cancer stem cells indicates that the occurrence of tumor is managed by a very small group of cells that have stem-like characteristics known as CSCs – cancer stem cells. These CSCs come with properties that allow them self-renewal and strong instincts for survival which makes them very resistant.

The inability to eliminate CSCs with conventional therapies leads to metastasis and recurrence of tumor. A few other ongoing studies are trying to determine the phenotypic properties of cancer stem cells from different types of tumor.

Until now, the cancer industry has not released a drug that is able to target cancer stem cells located in a tumor.

This ability to identify and target cancer cells and especially cancer stem cells without providing any side effects to cells that are not affected by the tumor in tissue is crucial. That’s why the list we have presented is so important and this is where scientists should focus in their new studies.