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WARNING: Remove These 12 Cancer-Causing Things from Your Bedroom Immediately

The consummation of organic food and detoxification of your body is an important aspect of your overall health. For detoxification, it is important to have a healthy home.

There are many healthy tips that help you sort out which products to eliminate from your house but what happens with your bedroom? Have you eliminated something from there until know? Now is the time for changes. It is one of the most important rooms in our house since we spend great part of our lives sleeping. Usually, this room is the most neglected one.

How to Create a Cancer Free Bedroom?

In the beginning you do not need to undertake some drastic changes because a clean and cancer-free bedroom can be a financial burden. Your choice should depend on your budget. First, start with some small and easy changes.

1. Change the Pillow Cases and Pillows with some Organic Materials

First start with the pillows and gradually replace the sheets, mattresses, bed frames because they are made from artificial materials. People usually choose cotton as a safer option but cotton in fact uses great number of pesticides and insecticides. If you can afford it, replace them with some organic products.

2. Remove all that Artificial Fabric from your Beds and Closet

Synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, acrylic are all products of thermoplastics. When heated, these materials outgas plastic molecules. By being in close contact with these artificial materials you can absorb their chemicals through your skin.

3. Get Rid of all those Artificial Clothes in Your Closed

Most synthetic fabrics is made out of the liquid from natural gas, coal or oil. The liquid is created through spinneret, holes of a nozzle. When it emerges from the holes, it cools forming tiny threads. In fact, fabric is created out of these threads.

But this is not the last step of the process. For an extended duration, the fabric is enriched with Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) and Teflon, substances that prevent wrinkles and stain resistant quality.

4. Remove Fabric Furniture

Remove all that furniture in artificial leather from your bedroom or from any room in your house. It is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the active component of the synthetic leather which is the most dangerous of all components. They are usually combined with toxic plasticizers, especially phthalates, usually known as endocrine disruptors.

Also, remove the seating cushions and pillows that are water and stain resistant because they are sprayed with toxic chemicals. Usually, cotton and polyester blends are treated with formaldehyde and then softened with ammonia. When you have chance, change them immediately.

5. Remove MDF and Particle Board

Any furniture, made from MDF, melamine or particle board should not take place in your bedroom. MDF is made out of shredded wood additionally powdered and softened. Along the powder, there are many bonding agents and resins compacted into solid boards. Formaldehyde can cause asthma, certain lung conditions and contact dermatitis.

Particle board as MDF contains formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance, directly linked to throat cancer in people. It additionally causes allergies, nausea, headaches and a burning sensation in the throat.

TLC, How Stuff Works, claims that in two months, particle board has decreased its toxicity by 25%. In the first year, it is half as potent as it was. It may take ten years until it runs completely out of gas.

However, you can find some wood furniture at yard sales, flea markets of furniture stores. It is much better to choose metal and glass furniture because they do not outgas and can be easily cleaned.

6. Remove Throw Rugs

When it comes to those who suffer from asthma, allergy or MCS, tiles or wood are the easiest option for cleaning and usage. Decorative rugs look nice in the bedroom but keep a high amount of dirt, mites and dust. Make sure you omit carpets and rugs, especially in your bedroom.

Polyester is manufactured with antimony, a toxic substance to the heart, skin, liver and lungs. They are also made out of polypropylene (olefin) and nylon, a synthetic fiber invented by Dupont in 1930.

7. Take No-VOC Paint

When painting your room, use no volatile organic compound paint. In contrast, VOC paint contain carbon compound that easily vaporize in the air. When in air, they produce ozone, causing air pollution and many breathing difficulties, burning, headache, nausea and watery eyes.

8. Leave your Shoes for the Outside

Make a shoe free zone in your home. Leave them outdoor in order to avoid taking in dirt, chemicals or pollen. Buy some shoe tray and leave your shoes in front of the door thus minimizing the chemicals from entering your house.

9. Reduce the Number of Electrical Devices

Move all those electrical devices from your bedroom to some other room because they can disrupt your sleep. Change even the digital alarm clock to some that operates on batteries.

10. Change or Cover your Mattress

For many people this is one of the most expensive changes that one can undertake. In fact, mattresses are covered with stain resistant chemicals and flame retardant sprays. The inner part is made from foam, a structure that can outgas for years.

If you are looking some better mattress, choose some made out of organic materials but be careful of greenwashing. If you can’t afford a new one, then wrap it in a foil cloth which can be found at AFS Foil. There you can find a foil tape for the edges. Although it has an intense smell, it will evaporate within 3-4 days. If you are sensitive to chemicals, let someone do it for you.

11. Change the Chemically Treated Shades and Drapes

These decorative elements hide a high amount of pollen, dust and allergens. If possible, change them with organic fabric shades and drapes. You can reduce the cost by involving a person who can sew curtains for you. Some individuals may choose wood blinds but always prefer the ones in between glass, that do not need weekly cleaning.

12. Purchase and Air Cleaner

If you can invest a whole house air cleaner, do not hesitate. Do some research and choose the right option since there are many types. But not everyone can afford this. For that reason, buy some portable air cleaner, an excellent solution that costs less. Choose the ones with HEPA filter which do not produce ozone.  Some filters are even adapted for specific needs such as smoke, asthma or allergy.