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Pour Hot Water on Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax APPEARS

Whenever people look for a completely natural alternative to sugary products they reach for fruits. Fruits come with many different all-natural, sweet tastes and what makes them different than commercial candies is the fact that they are packed with many vitamins and other nutrients that are good for the health.

Sadly, a huge number of fruits that we buy from grocery stores are waxed with compounds that are based on ingredient used for production of motor oils too. This is definitely something that can bring negative effects to our health.

Fruit Wax Layers

The vast majority of fruit manufacturers and farmers use a special coating of wax on their fruits in order to keep them protected and extend their shelf life. When they apply this layer of wax they first thoroughly wash the fruit and in this way they remove the original, natural wax found in fruits.

Oranges, apples and pears are some of the fruits that are usually covered with this artificial wax based on petroleum.

Even though these farmers and manufacturers say that the wax is necessary to keep the fruit safe from spoilage and bacteria and fungus accumulation, many experts have pointed out that the same wax is used to boost the shine and color of fruits and enhance their look That’s why many people are asking whether this wax must be used. Some of them think that manufacturers use it just to attract customers.

What is Fruit Wax Made of?

In the past, people have speculated about the ingredients found in this special type of wax. It is good to know that this wax is not listed as a food ingredient and this is the reason why manufacturers don’t need to list the ingredients found in it. However, several studies have shown that a lot of these waxes are packed with known allergens like soy, dairy and gluten.

Many popular wax coverings include fungicides and preservatives too. In some cases, they are loaded with artificial dyes and coloring used to enhance the look of wax. Researchers were able to determine the connection between the use of artificial dyes and frequency of certain types of cancer.

Is it possible to stay away from this dangerous fruit wax?
Even though the majority of wax coatings include ingredients that have the ability to deteriorate our health, there are also a huge number of companies that emphasize the fact that their fruits use wax that is based only on all-natural ingredients.

Semper Fresh, Syncera and Tal-Prolong are some of the brands of wax used on fruits that don’t have any dangerous ingredients in them.

These organic waxes for fruits are relying on ingredients like wood resin, beeswax and carnauba wax obtained from palm tree leaves. In addition, they are free of fungicides, preservatives, additives and ingredients derived from petroleum.

In case you don’t want to consume fruits that are covered with wax (except fruits that have wax coating that they have naturally produced), you should definitely consider buying fruits from the local farmer’s market during the season of that specific fruit. This is the only way to make sure that you are not using fruits “enriched” with dangerous substances.