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10 Signs Cancer May Be Growing In Your Body!

Cancer is one of the deadliest and most spread diseases nowadays. Although a healthy diet can reduce your risk of developing cancer, genes can contribute far more for the onset of this disease.

If the cancer has started spreading, it is very hard to treat it.

Remember the Following 10 Warning Signs

1. A Lump Beneath the Skin

Those who do regular self-exams on different parts of their body, such as on breasts, can know how to recognize changes beneath their skin, such as lumps. If you discover a lump before it progresses into larger tumor, you have higher chances of proper and successful treatment.

2. Itchy Skin

Since our body treats cancer as a sort of bacterium, another sign that indicate cancer is itchy skin. Our immune system tries to destroy it with the use of white blood cells. This increases the blood flow in the affected area, causing feeling of warmth, tightening, itchiness, and reddish skin color.

3. Wounds That Don’t Heal

If you notice that you have a skin injury like a cut that it takes more time to heal, it might be a warning sigh of cancer. The reason is because the immune system has prioritized the cancer over the healing of the wound, so the body needs more time to heal the skin injury.

4. Bumps on the Tongue or Mouth

Consult your doctor immediately, if you notice any bumps on your throat, gums, or inside your mouth, particularly if they are white.

5. Loss of Appetite or Trouble Swallowing

Trouble swallowing, loss of appetite, disrupted digestive process, or indigestion, can affect the ability of the body to get the nutrients from the consumed food.

6. Changed Bowel Movements

You should be concerned if any weird change in your bowel movements last more than 2 days. Blood in the stool can indicate colon cancer.

7. Changes in Urination

A healthy person should have a rather regular bladder function. So, if you see changes in the urination, like in the color, strength of the flow, odor, presence of blood or foam, visit your doctor.

8. Bleeding

Bleeding from the nipple, uterus, or from other parts that you can’t explain, can be a huge warning sigh of cancer.

9. Voice Changes

The tone and pitch of the voice can be affected by larynx cancer. So if you notice some changes, or someone else tell you about them, you should visit your doctor.

10. Constant Coughing

Constant coughing that lasts more than 2 weeks can be a warning sign of the following types of cancer: throat, esophagus, lungs, and even stomach cancer. If your cough is painful, persistent, and you cough blood, make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

If you notice any of these warning signs of cancer, visit your doctor immediately!