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5 Tricks That Will Make You Lose 2 Or More Pounds A Week

1. Love yourself.

Looking at yourself in a negative way, and constantly being down on yourself aren’t going to help you reach your weight loss goal any faster. Research has actually proven that loving yourself and your body can help you lose weight.

Begin by simply being confident in yourself, and stay motivated during the entire weight loss process, give yourself props for staying strong, and moving closer to achieving your goal of a healthy weight.

Additionally, giving yourself compliments in the mirror can be an incredible confidence boost in the morning.

2. Strong is the new sexy.

When it comes to losing a substantial amount of weight, and maintaining your lean muscle mass as you lose weight, strong really is the new sexy.

Incorporating more strength training into your regular exercise routine will increase the amount of fat you lose, and reduce the amount of lean muscle lost.

Try going to the weight room for strength training 3 to 5 days a week depending on your weight lifting experience, and the intensity of each day’s workout.

3. Cut those calories.

The key to successful weight loss is burning more calories than you eat every day, and as you lose weight your body wont require as many calories for sufficient nutrition as it did during your previous weight.

Once you lose a substantial amount of weight, usually 10 percent or more of their body fat, may experience a phenomenon known as starvation mode.

Basically, once you reach your weight loss goal you will require less calories to maintain your body weight, compared to someone of the same body type who was never overweight.

This why it is recommended to begin cutting calories in the early stages of your diet to allow your body proper time to fully adjust to its new energy intake.

Start by cutting 500 calories from your daily diet, and if you begin to plateau after a couple of months try cutting another 100 calories. However, be aware, and never let your calorie intake get below 1,200 calories a day.

4. Pick up some new healthy habits.

One of the benefits of having an excess of calories to lose is that you can achieve a healthy calorie deficit without making major lifestyle changes.

Just try to develop simple habits like parking farther away from the grocery store than you usually do, or carrying around a refillable water bottle everywhere you go to ensure that you are properly hydrated throughout the day.

While this may not be the same as an intense workout, or eating healthy foods every day, every little bit helps.

5. Create a long term plan.

When thinking about substantial weight loss it’s best to think farther than a couple of days, months, and even years.

Create a plan that incorporates a diet and exercise routine that you can see becoming a normal part of your life because the best diets are the ones that you can commit to long term.

So don’t start to skip social events you would normally attend, or eliminate entire groups of food from your life.

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