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5 Ways to Ease Your Bunions Without Surgery

You would be surprised to know that bunions are formed of salt deposits, and they also can be formed due to several trigger factors like influenza, gout, poor nutrition, tonsillitis, rheumatic infection and even if you wear uncomfortable footwear.

If bunions appear on your feet, they can be a big nuisance. You cannot wear the right size shoes. They cause pain and irritation. And they also make your legs look ugly.

Surgery is not a permanent answer for the treatment of bunions.

But you can find benefits in the use of traditional medicine.

Body Cleansing

Use the following method to cleanse your body of these salt deposits and ease your bunions without surgery:

1. Bay Leaf Treatment

Mix 1-1/4 cup of water and 1 tbsp of crushed bay leaves in the evening and cook in an enamel pot for a few minutes. Remove it into a thermos flask and leave through the night. Strain it off and start drinking from the morning – finishing it off through the day. Drink it for 3 days and repeat after a week.

This recipe will be accompanied with frequent urination, which means that the salt in the bunions are dissolving and irritating the bladder. The results can be noticed within 10 days. Not only will the joint pain start disappearing, you will start feeling better.

2. Aspirin & Iodine Mixture

Prepare this mixture of aspirin and iodine to get relief from bunions or other types of growths or joints which are causing pain:

Cut 5 Andols/aspirins (200 mg) and mix with 10 ml of iodine. Make sure to mix it thoroughly so that the aspirin dissolves fully and the iodine loses its color.

Apply this mixture on all the areas where you are experiencing pain – the joints, the growth, and the ankles, before going to bed. Keep the area warm through the night and the effects can be noticed within a short time.

3. Bay Leaves (Bile Stone Treatment)

This method involving bay leaves is also used for naturally dissolving bile stones and turning them into tiny particles of sand. Follow this treatment for 60 days to eliminate the bunions fully.

Chop up 5 bay leaves and pour half a cup of alcohol over it (70% / homemade brandy). Leave it so for 7 days before straining it off.

Give steam on the bunions by dipping your feet in warm water. Prepare the bath by mixing 1 tbsp of baking soda in 3 L of water. Apply the bay leaf mixture on the bunions. Make sure to dry your feet before applying it. After application, put on cotton socks and rest.

4. Iodine & Lemon Juice

Mix iodine in lemon juice and apply on the painful bunions. It can also help in treating ‘heel spurs’.

5. Use Plain Soap

Grate some soap and apply on the painful bunions. Massage it over the area and rinse and pat it dry. Apply povidone iodine by dipping a cotton bud. Create a kind of ‘net’ over the growth.

Make some vertical/horizontal lines which are distanced by a centimeter. This will improve the absorption of iodine. Let the iodine dry before putting on socks. Follow this treatment for a month.

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