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5 Yoga Poses To Help You Show Off a Firm and Flat Belly!

Belly fat is certainly something what most people strive to remove constantly, but sometimes not even having a balanced diet and frequent exercising is possible to achieve a flat belly.  Fortunately, today there is an excellent alternative to eliminate fat in the abdomen effectively in a natural way, so that you will get surprising results in a few months In this article, we’re going to show you 5 positions that will you help you eliminate the fat accumulated in the abdomen, and this will be possible with some simple exercises that will strengthen your abdomen in no time!

  1. What you need to do to achieve a flat abdomen (Plank)

With this posture, you’ll work on your thighs, buttocks, shoulders, back and the area of the belly. Put yourself in a position like for push-ups from the chest and place your hands aligned vertically with the shoulders. Then, inhale deeply while you look towards down and make sure you always keep the back straight.

Finally, remain in that position tightening the abdominal muscles and keep yourself in this position for 30 seconds. You must repeat this process 5 times and rest only 15 seconds between each repetition.

  1. Position of the arc

This position strengthens the abdomen and helps your digestion to work properly. Place you mouth down on the ground, stretch your legs and your arms should be glued to your body. Raises your feet towards your back and subject your ankles with the arms stretched. Keep this position for 30 seconds. Then, return to the initial position resting for 15 seconds. Repeat this 5 times.

  1. Position of the cobra

It helps you strengthen the abdomen and the back. Place you mouth down, stretch the legs and stretch the arms so that you lift up the superior part of your body while your head is pointing to your back as much as you can. Breathe deeply while holding that position for 15 seconds Repeat this process and res for 15 seconds on each repetition.

  1. The boat

You will be able to exercise the muscles of your abdomen, back, arms and legs. Lie down with your legs and arms alongside the body. Take a deep breath while at the same time you raise your back and your legs. Keep your eyes toward the front and remain in that position for 30 seconds. You must repeat this 5 times resting for 15 second during each repetition.

  1. The position of the chair

You strengthen the back, abdomen, buttocks and legs.  Place you of foot in a “Namaste” position and flex the knees as if you had to sit on a chair Then, raise your arms above stretching them the most possible. Keep the back straight and help yourself with the weight of your torso to balance yourself as you’re flexing the knees. Remain in that position for 30 seconds and repeat this process 5 times resting for 15 seconds during each repetition.

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