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7 Easy Ways to Keep The Female Genitals Healthy and Young

As you get older, you may try hiding your years from your face by using various anti-aging creams, but when it comes to your genitals, there are no such products available on the market.

As one female sexual health expert explains, most women are shocked with the changes that appear on their vulva (the external opening of the female genitals) and genitals as they grow old, mostly because gynecologists avoid telling women that these changes are going to happen at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, many women are ashamed to tell their genital issues even to their gynecologist. Therefore, we give you seven simple tips on how to keep your genitals healthy and young.

1. Regular Hygiene

The unpleasant genitals’ odor is one of the most common problem among women. To prevent it, wash your genitals at least two times a day with a mild soap. The skin on the pubic region has a lot of sweat glands, so more pubic hair means more unpleasant odor. Use chamomile tea to wash your genitals, and avoid highly alkaline soaps.

2. Regular Shaving or Trimming

The pubic hair retains sweat and bacteria, so regular shaving or trimming will ease the maintenance of genitals’ hygiene.

3. Right Underwear

Avoid wearing synthetic underwear at any cost. Instead, choose cotton underwear, or underwear produced of other natural materials. In this way, you will enable your genitals breathe, which is very important since otherwise, you may wind up with bacterial infections, dermatitis, or eczema.

4. Change Your Underwear Regularly

The genitals’ secretion is perfect environment for bacteria, so make sure you change your underwear on a daily basis. These bacteria can cause infections like cystitis, colpitis, or uterine infections. Change your underwear at least two times a day during menstruation.

5. Don’t Perfume Your Vulva

The best thing is to keep your genitals clean without perfuming it, since perfumes can disrupt the pH balance that might lead to infection.

6. Regular Gynecologist Visits

Females who have turned 21, and all sexually active women are recommended to visit their gynecologist on every six months. Women should do PAP tests, and tests for other common infections, as well as ultrasound scan on their ovaries and uterus. Regular gynecologist visits can save your life.

7. You Can Make Your Genitals Taste Better

Consuming the right foods can change the taste of your genitals. This includes fruits high in natural sugar like mangoes, apples, grapes, etc. Make sure you avoid coffee, garlic, onion, spicy foods, and alcohol, since they affect the smell of genitals’ juices.

Additional Tip – baby wipes have neutral pH, and they don’t contain perfumes, so feel free to use them after going to the bathroom.

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