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7 Types Of Pain You Should Never Ignore

There are different kinds of pain; some do not require immediate attention particularly if the pain comes with fever or it appears suddenly. Read about types of pain which should concern you and require immediate medical attention.

1. Severe/thunderclap headache

Could be: An aneurysm, swelling in the wall of a blood vessel

Severe, intense headache needs immediate attention unlike the ordinary one that alleviates with the help of a painkiller. You have two options, to call 911 immediately as aneurism can cause brain damage within minutes and is deadly or someone should take you to the hospital.

How to distinguish aneurism from migraine? Migraine makes you sensitive to light and sound, progresses gradually and you feel sick.

The first step is to make a CT scan which will show if you have bleeding in brain .If that is true, immediate surgery is needed to restore the blood vessel.

Aspirin is not allowed as it can worsen the bleeding.

2. Sharp ache between the shoulder blades

Could be: Heart attack or Arthritis

This medical condition is followed by shortness of breath, nausea and jaw pain and it appears more in women. The pain which appears due to heart attack is sharp and sudden and differs from muscular pain which is dull. Call ambulance instantly as they can give you first aid. Do not try to reach the hospital by yourself.

3. Middle back pain with fever

Could be: Kidney infection

This pain should be taken seriously especially if it appears with fever and nausea. Women suffer more than men from this condition and it appears as a result of bacteria which spread from urinary tract into kidneys and cause severe infection. It usually starts with UTI symptoms, pain when urinating. If ignored they can cause kidney damage so that is why you must call a doctor and run some test so you could be prescribed  antibiotic therapy.

4. Dull pain that moves to the lower right of the abdomen

Could be: Appendicitis

Visit a doctor if you have this kind of pain. Usually it spreads from the central abdominal part towards the right part and it gets worse within 24 hours. A surgery may be needed .Be aware because if the appendix bursts, the bacteria will spread in the whole abdomen and will infect your whole body.

5. Menstrual cramps that don’t improve with medication

Could be: Endometriosis

If your pain is still there after taking medications, than it appears due to endometrial tissue growing outside the uterus. This condition is quite common and can have impact on fertility. Women who have severe pain during their period could suffer from this medical condition. Because is dangerous consult your doctor. If the pain doesn’t go away after taking medicines, you may need a surgery to remove the tissue.

6. Tooth pain that wakes you up

Could be: Teeth grinding

This pain can appear due to teeth grinding which results in inflamed teeth and enamel to rot away. This could also cause cracked teeth do the root so they will probably need to be extracted. Consult with your dentist to help you with this condition which appears as a result of stress. You may need to wear night teeth guard to protect your teeth. If your tooth is infected it should be cleaned of bacteria.

7. Back pain with tingling toes

Could be: Slipped disc

This kind of pain could be relieved with worm pads and the symptoms are: tingling and numbness in the toes. It can be caused when you lift heavy objects, furniture for example. If warm pads do not help, than it can be caused by a spinal disc pressing on nerve. It can damage the nerve permanently if you do not treat it. Visit a doctor as soon as possible.