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8 Feng Shui Tips That Will Change The Energy In Your Home

One of the most famous methods for the elimination of bad energies from the homes is definitely Feng shui. It is very popular in many cultures in the world. In this article, we’re going to help you do a makeover of the complete energy at your home by using various methods that you do every day, but you didn’t know how to do them properly! Health.

All of us would like to live surrounded with positive energy and positive thoughts. We all want to be peaceful. But, still we are all aware that there is also a negative energy. So, what do we do in order to eliminate it?

The Feng shui is one of the methods that is mostly recommended for this purpose.

You’ll be healthier and happier if you’re surrounded with positive energy. You’ll be more inspired and your mood will be improved. All of the negative thoughts and stress will disappear.

You can do these practices every day or several times a week. It will still work!

Practices To Eliminate Negative Energy

  1. Set An Intention

You must decide and set it as your goal that you will be free of any negative thought, bad mood or energy.

  1. Quick Vacuum

Vacuuming will help you move free all the stagnant energy in your space.

  1. Dust Surfaces

You’ll be cleared mentally and you’ll stimulate the metal elemental energy. For ducting, try to use microfiber cloths, because they are also eco-friendly!

  1. Sage/Smoke

If you burn a light incense (nag champa, sandalwood or any of them) or a sage wand, you’ll be able to see that the smoke is clearing the air you breathe.

  1. Fluff Pillows

You’ll make your chairs, sofas and bed full of life by fluffing pillows.

  1. Clap In The Corners

Walk in through each on of your rooms in circles and clap in the corners. In that way, you’ll wake up the energy.

  1. Scrub The Toilet And Keep The Lid Down

Prepare a natural scrub using vinegar and baking soda in equal parts (you can use ½ a cup of each). Leave the mixture to stay for 30 or 40 minutes in the toilet, and after that scrub well. This process will strengthen the positive vibes in your bathroom.

  1. Gratitude

If you’re grateful, you’ll have everything. Speak up, plan or write your gratitude for anything, no matter if it is small or big! It will help you attract more and more positive vibes! Health.

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