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8 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Child Away From Cell Phones!

Does your child often play with a laptop, tablet or smart phone?

Researchs shows that exposing young children to technologies is actually harmful, because they are exposed to factors critical for their development, behavior and learning. What else should concern us?

Tablets affect brain growth

Between birth and the first birthday, the brain triples in size and continues to grow rapidly until they reach 21 year old. This requires a wide range of stimulations that do not involve exposure to these technologies. In some cases, these technologies will cause cognitive delays, impaired learning and increased impulsiveness.

It delay social development

Children who use things such as an iPod, often have delays in development of social skills to talk and academic achievements.


One in four Canadian children and one in three American children are overweight. These devices often make our children live an inactive lifestyle. This is equal to gaining weight.

Lack of sleep

This is also not surprising. It is not uncommon for children to stay up late playing computer games.

“Digital dementia”

Fast media is contributing to lower attention and reduced concentration. This is caused by “diverting knowledge” of neural pathways in the frontal cortex.

Increased risk of addiction

These technologies are often separate children from parents. It has been proven that when parental attachment is absent the chances of addictions are growing especially for the technology that is available to them.

Radiation exposure

World Health Organization has classified mobile phones as a possible carcinogen because of the radiation emitted. In 2013 Dr. Anthony Miller of the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health recommended that based on the evidence collected the exposure to radio frequencies should be reclassified as probably carcinogenic.

Eye strain

Spending too much time in front of the screen can be a strain for the eyes. Children in particular. Children can develop Computer Vision Syndrome, which is a type of eye strain. If your children are using these technologies limit them to 30 minutes at a time.

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