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Cleanse Your Organism With Apples Once A Month

All people, especially ill ones, should cleanse their body at least once a month. How to cleanse the organism and how is this beneficial? There are many ways to do this, but we will recommend to you a certain day to do this procedure using apples. Cleansing is necessary because due to poor diet, practiced for years, harmful substances build up in the digestive system, and then spread around the whole organism. The ingredient, called pectin, which can be found in apples, will clean all the harmful substances that are deposited in the intestines. After collecting them, pectin will throw them out of the body in an efficient and painless way.

Here is how to properly do the cleansing:

  • For breakfast: Freshly squeezed apple juice, without sugar or any kinds of sweeteners, in which you need to add juice of half a lemon. The best way to prepare the juice is using a blender. Drink this beverage sip by sip – do not drink it all at once.

Eat two whole apples two or three hours after you have drunk the beverage.

  • For lunch: Drink tea made from apples’ peel. Add two teaspoons of honey in it.

Eat 2 to 4 apples one or two hours after the lunch.

Drink a glass of natural apple juice in the afternoon.

  • For dinner: Apple pulp (mashed apple without its peel) with two teaspoons of honey.

The dinner is the final phase of the cleansing-day.  You must not consume other food during detoxification day. Since apple is easily digestible food, you can improve your overall health if you repeat this procedure more often. This apple-method helps in problems with gout, rheumatism, arthritis, kidney, clogged blood vessels, cleaning the blood vessels and fat in the blood. It also positively affects the nervous system. Especially interesting fact is that this method will accelerate metabolism and will help in losing excess weight. If you practice this method once a month – it has a preventive character, but for better results it is recommendable to practice it more often i.e. on every 7-10 days. Keep in mind that when you consume apple, you need to chew it very nicely in order to use all nutritional ingredients. This does not have to be only time you consume apples for your daily health. Eat several apples during the day.
The old saying “One apple a day, keeps the doctor away” says it all.

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