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Curing Varicose Veins with Tomatoes

Varicose veins is a very common problem for many people. Some of you that suffer from this problem have probably read a whole lot about different cures that can have a positive effect, but here is another folk method that we have found that involves tomatoes.

Most of us are familiar with the benefits that tomatoes bring, but few of you know that tomatoes can help in treating varicose veins. Here you will see two different methods using red ripe and green tomatoes.

Green Tomatoes Treatment

Wash several green tomatoes and cut them into rings. Put the rings at the spots where you have varicose veins: on the vein capillary network and nodes. You can fix them with a bandage. Keep them there until you start to feel tingling on your skin. If you can’t stand the sensation, remove them or wait till you feel a burning. Wash the spot with cool water and repeat this five times a day, but do that in a row.

If the method proves to be successful for you, you will start to notice the results after about two weeks. The nodes will begin to disappear along with the pain and swelling.

Ripe Red Tomatoes Treatment

Similarly to the procedure above, wash the tomatoes, cut them into rings and put them on the veins. Fix them with some bandage and leave it like that for 3 to 4 hours, but replace them with new rings from time to time. Do this every evening. It is even better if you combine this method with the green tomatoes method.

The healing properties in the tomatoes come from the seeds. They have an acidic substance that is similar to aspirin, it functions as an anticoagulant and dilutes the blood. Furthermore, the flavonoids in the tomatoes will give strength to the blood vessels.

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