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Cypress essential oil uses and benefits for health

Cypress essential oil uses and health benefits can be attributed to its properties as sedative, astringent, respiratory tonic, antiseptic, vasoconstricting, antispasmodic, sudorific, deodorant, styptic, diuretic, hepatic and hemostatic substance. This essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of young twigs, stems and needles.

Cypress has the scientific name of Cupressus Sempervirens. This is a needle bearing tree of Coniferous and Deciduous regions. The essential oils extracted from Cypress have components such as Linalool, Terpinolene, Myrcene, Sabinene, Cadinene, Cedrol, Camphene, Carene, Bornyl Acetate, Alpha Terpinene, Beta Pinene and Alpha Pinene, which are contributing to the medicinal properties of the cypress essential oil. This essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy.

Benefits of Cypress essential oil for Health

Vasoconstrictor: This essential oil causes blood vessels to contract. If you have excess bleeding, then this can be used as natural treatment.

Sedative: The cypress essential oil induces sedative, relaxing and calming effect on the body and mind by relieving anxiety and nervous stress. Also this essential oil can stimulate a happy feeling in case of sadness or anger. This health benefit can be helpful to pacify people who have suffered a major setback in life, trauma or serious shock.

Hepatic: The cypress essential oil is good for your liver and it ensures optimal health of your liver by regulating the proper discharge of bile from the liver. Also this essential oil protects your liver from contracting various infections.

Deodorant: This essential oil has a masculine and spicy fragrance that can easily replace the synthetic deodorants which boast a similar, natural, manly and distinct aroma.

Sudorific: A sudorific substance is something which can cause perspiration or sweating. You should not be concerned about. Periodic sweating can make you feel lighter, fitter and it helps you to remove excess water, salt and toxins in very quick way. This is cleaning your skin pores and openings of the sweat and sebum glands while it is keeping away acne and other skin diseases. The cypress essential oil is considered as a very powerful sudorific substance.

Respiratory tonic: This essential oil tones up the respiratory system. It increases the efficiency of your lungs. Also it helps to eliminate the coughs and phlegm accumulated in your lungs and respiratory tracts. It clears up the congestion which is making your breathing easier when you suffer from cold and cough.

Cypress essential oil uses

Hemostatic and styptic: These two properties of the cypress essential oil are very similar in meaning, but they do differ slightly. Styptic means astringent substance which includes the other properties of an astringent and also it is helping to stop excessive blood flow through contraction of the blood vessels. The hemostatic means an agent which can stop the flow of blood or promote the clotting of blood.

Both of the mentioned properties are important in their own areas of application. If some person is bleeding profusely, then you need a hemostatic agent to speed up the clotting of his blood and to stop the flow to save his life. Being an astringent – styptic helps in a different way. It promotes the contraction of blood vessels, skin, muscles, hair follicles and gums, thereby stimulating the flow of the blood through the body’s blood vessels. Both of the mentioned health benefits of the cypress essential oil can be life – saving.

Diuretic: This essential oil increases the urination in both ways – quantity and frequency. This is very important and beneficial for your health. It is known fact that the more you urinate, the more you lose fat and you lose the unwanted weight. Urination also promotes digestion and it stops the gas from forming in your intestines. It removes excess water from your body and it reduces swelling. Also the urination is removing the toxins from your body. Also cypress essential oil reduces the blood pressure and it cleans out your kidneys.

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