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Do you have callouses on the hands and feet? You may have cancer in this surprising place

Do you suffer from unusually thick callouses on the hands and feet? According to a report from Science Daily, you may have esophagus cancer.

The link between hand and foot callouses and esophagus cancer was established by researchers at the Queen Mary University in London. The study, newly published this year in the medical journal Nature Communications, found the same gene that causes esophagus cancer causes skin on the palms and soles to thicken and grow to such extremes the callouses sometimes need to be shaved off with a razor.

Callouses are not the only symptom of esophagus cancer. Be wary of the following signs and symptoms:

1. Difficulty swallowing meat, bread, or raw vegetables. Pain or difficulty eating these foods can be a sign the tumor is blocking the pathway to the stomach.

2. Mucus or saliva build-up. The American Cancer Society explains the body responds to the difficulty of swallowing by producing large amounts of thick mucus or saliva.

3. Chest pain. This may be experienced as discomfort, pressure, or burning, says the American Cancer Society. Because this is a common symptom of other, less harmful ailments, such as heartburn, do not be concerned if this is your only symptom. However, it is important to talk to your doctor if it persists or if it occurs in concert with other symptoms.

4. Black stool. This is a sign of bleeding caused by a tumor in the esophagus.

5. Feeling tired. If the tumor causes bleeding in the esophagus, you can loose too many red blood cells and become anemic. A primary symptom of anemia is feeling very tired.

6. Vomiting. Your doctor if food comes back up shortly after eating, you suffer from persistent vomiting, or vomit blood.

7. Persistent cough. A persistent cough, especially when blood comes up, is a sign of esophagus cancer.

8. Hoarseness. This sign, when accompanied by some of the above symptoms may point to esophagus cancer.

If you are suffering from more than one of the above symptoms, particularly trouble swallowing, talk to your doctor.