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Easiest way to grow Mushrooms at home

Mushrooms nowadays are popular for both health and taste. It is full of fat-free, low-calorie, vitamins, antioxidants and many more nutrients. Many Gardner considers how it is possible to apply it. But to grow mushrooms, choose their own area. Mushrooms are mostly bark of mossy trees and are endowed in the shady soil.

They prefer damp and dark areas of the forest more. Green plants prepare food through the leaves, but on the contrary, through the process of photosynthesis, they convert sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into their food. Mushrooms completely achieve their energy and nutrient deficiency by absorbing nutrients from the roots of living plants.  Although mushroom cultivation is contrary to other horticultural or vegetables, it is also important to know about growing it well. The mushroom can be easily found at home, giving easy information about it.

About Mushrooms

Over 20,000 species of mushroom are known worldwide, but there are many species which are not known, many of them have the power to heal healthy, medicine, toxins, strange organisms with a power to heal. Those who are worth eating mushrooms contain nutritious and have low calorie.

This is an excellent source of vitamin B. After coming in the sunlight, mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D. Studies of mushrooms show that it contains potassium, copper, selenium, ergotionin, and anti-cancer content. This is surprisingly the promotion of the immune system and used for the health of the heart.

Agaricus bisporus (Button mushroom), Volvariella, Dhingri are some species, which are specially cultivated.

How to Grow Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms do not grow with seeds, they grow with spores, and they are so small that they are not visible with naked eyes. There is no chlorophyll in the spores, due to which they flourish with the help of a straw, wood chips, nutrients such as liquids or grains.
  • The right weather to grow mushrooms are cold, but it should not be too cold. The right weather to grow mushroom is in India until September – April. It flourishes very well in moisture. More moisture is necessary for this to grow well.
  • The mixture of spores and nutrients is called spawn, it gives birth to the plant in the form of spawn seeds. It works like a seed starter. White small part of spawn mushroom which increases the thread’s roots. This is called mycelium.
  • Mushrooms grow with spawn, but you should apply in the growing medium.

Types of Farming

Mushroom cultivation is mainly done in 3 types.

  1. Bed making
  2. Hang
  3. By placing a little above the ground level.

Mushroom farming is the most popular by making beds for people to make wooden crates or bamboo beds.

In the second method, mushroom packets are hung. In this method, you can create more mushrooms in less space.

In the third method, mushroom packets are planted directly on the ground and it is cultivated.

There are two main types of mushrooms used in India.

  1. Oyster Mushroom
  2. Button Mushroom

You can cultivate mushroom according to your choice.

Button Mushroom

  • If you are a vegetarian, then using button mushroom will be beneficial to you from the viewpoint of nutritional importance. Most of the use is done in India as a vegetable and pickle. In India, the button takes place from October to April to grow mushrooms.
  • Specially prepared compost, manure is required for mushroom cultivation. After this, a 6-8 inch thick surface is laid in the finished wooden box. Mushroom seeds are called spawns.
  • The seeds should be purchased from the right shop so that you can get the right quality, remember that the seeds should not be old for 6 months.
  • Spread this seed on the compost like other seedlings. Spread the surface of 1.5-2 inch composts over it

How to care for mushrooms

1. Adequate moisture requirement

After the seedling put the boxes in an empty room and cover it with an old newsprint from above. Sprinkle water this newspaper and wet it. Keep in mind that adequate moisture should be kept in the room so that the walls of the room should be well wet with water. The room temperature is around 22 to 26-degree centigrade and humidity is around 80 percent. In about 15 to 20 days, mushroom seeds will be completely spread over the compost. At this time it does not need external air,  close the door of the room.

2. Sterilization with steam

Filter the compost and the soil of the garden with equal quantity and filter it. Mix 5% formalin in it or then make the Sterilization with steam. When the fungus trap is fully spread on the compost, then lay a thin layer of 3-4 centimeters of the prepared mixture over it. After laying the layer, keep the temperature of the room at 14-15 degree centigrade and moisture is approximately 80%. At this time mushrooms begin to grow and it needs open air and light. So open the window and doors of the room.

3. Harvesting of mushroom

After 30-40 days of seedling, mushrooms appear on top of the mixture, which in the next 4-5 days the round of the button increases. When the upper part of the button is done and the low-lying membrane is complete, then break it with the help of fingers or use a knife. Generally, a crop cycle takes 6-8 weeks. See for more information.


  • Before going to mushroom, let the shoes slap out.
  • Cover the windows of the room and the door with a soaked sack.
  • Be completely dark in the room, should not be used to light from anywhere.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before entering the room.
  • Sprinkle light water from time to time to maintain the moisture.

Easiest way to grow mushrooms at home

  • The Button is the easiest to grow the mushroom at home. To develop this, you must follow the guidelines of the Kansas State University’s Directions. To develop the spawn you can use a 14-16 inch tray, whose depth is 6 inches.
  • Fill the Tray 2/3 height of the mushroom compost and spawn inoculated with it.
  • The soil temperature that is used is approximately 70 degree Celsius. You can use the heating pad for this.
  • When the roots of the light thread began to appear, then the temperature dropped to 50-60 degrees.
  • Then cover the spawn with the potting soil. Keep moisture in the soil so you can cover it with a damp cloth.
  • Button mushrooms begin to appear within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Do not pull it cut it with a knife. It can damage other fungi.
  • You continue to harvest it, you will get its harvest for 6 months.

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