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Homemade Flea Powder (Recommended by a Holistic Vet!)

This natural homemade flea powder will help you get rid of fleas, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and other bugs. Instead of using expensive commercial repellents packed with chemicals, you can now eliminate fleas and other bugs with a natural solution.

We have talked about the natural tick repellent in the past, but now we are revealing a very efficient homemade flea repellent that comes in the form of powder.

The first solution that a vet will recommend is to use some chemical flea repellent loaded with toxic elements. However, did you know that exactly these repellents are the number one cause of poisonings in pets? There is a reason why tick and flea repellents found in the stores have a special warning to stay away from this product because it can harm your skin.

I guess that many of you are wondering how this product can be so bad for the humans but good for animals. Well, we believe that it isn’t good for anyone.

So, it is the best idea to try everything else before you use these chemical-packed products. According to many pet owners the holistic approach is the best one because it provides complete solution in a natural way.

In this article we will reveal a natural flea powder that you can prepare at home. This powder has helped many people eliminate flea infestation.

The best part is that you will stay away from toxic chemicals. In addition, the flea powder is great for repelling and eliminating not just fleas, but flies, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, spiders and other insects too.

This is what you will need to prepare this incredible product!

The natural flea powder prepared at home consists of neem powder, diatom flour, eucalyptus oil and yarrow powder. It is interesting that all of these ingredients have been used as bug repellents in the past, but they are usually used alone not combined and mixed as this time.

Diatom Flour (food grade)

Diatom flour, also known as diatomaceous earth, represents a fine powder that consists of fossilized particles of small aquatic life forms known as diatoms. They have skeletons that are based on silica, a completely natural compound. When placed under a microscope, diatomaceous earth is extremely sharp, which makes it capable of piercing the outer skeleton of bugs and leading to their death, mostly by dehydration.

It is good to point out that DE eliminates bugs by physical activity not with some sort of chemicals. The fact that these aforementioned particles are so tiny makes them harmless to pets and humans. This is actually mineral silica.

Neem Powder

Many remedies in Ayurvedic medicine are based on neem which is actually a type of herb. People in Asia have used neem as a bug repellent for hundreds of years. They’ve used it against ants, lice, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and mites. This herb comes with several active ingredients that contribute to its efficiency. For instance, Azadirachtin, a natural compound found in neem, inhibits the progress of larvae.

By blocking the molting, this herb prevents proper development of larvae and doesn’t allow insects to create offspring. This compound is so strong and deadly for bugs that they would rather die hungry instead of eating it. Salannin is another important ingredient found in neem. Several scientific studies have confirmed that this compound is extremely effective at eliminating biting bugs.

Neem is known for its moisturizing effects and its ability to eliminate extra scaling and dryness. This herb eases problems related to irritated skin. Neem provides some great anti-bacterial effects that block the progress of skin infections. Due to the fact that diatom flour can cause dehydration, neem is here to keep the pet safe from dry skin.

Yarrow Powder

Yarrow has been used for a long time too and people have used it for many different purposes. One of the earliest uses of yarrow was to speed up healing of wounds. It is interesting that this herb is considered sacred in different parts of the world because of the great medicinal effects. It turns out that yarrow provides some great anti-inflammatory effects for a wide range of skin conditions and eases skin irritations.

This herb has antimicrobial properties too and has the ability to ease pain. Due to the fact that pets fighting fleas usually get secondary infections, yarrow keeps them safe from these infections and eases their irritated, red skin.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Now here’s another efficient, natural insect repellent. Numerous studies have confirmed that eucalyptus oil contains some efficient compounds that often beat the properties of DEET. In addition, eucalyptus oil comes with antiseptic effects for treating bites.

Natural Flea Powder Recipe:

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Half a cup of neem powder
  • One cup of diatomaceous earth/diatom flour (food grade)
  • 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (In case you are using this repellent for cats, don’t use this oil)
  • Half a cup of yarrow powder.

Take all these ingredients and mix them well together. After that, place the mixture in a powerful container with a shaker top. You can also use a mason jar that comes with a shaker top lid.

Place the mixture starting from the head of your pet all the way to the tail along the spine. Make sure that your dog/cat is dry. Next, brush the fur in order to make the powder reach the skin. Stay away from the nose and eyes of your pet. You should also put some of the powder on the legs and belly and rub it. The basic goal is to cover the maximum possible skin area.

How Frequently Should I Use This Natural Flea Powder?

If you are using this powder as an ordinary repellent to get rid of a few fleas, you can use it once in 30 days when the fleas are active (spring and summer). In case the pet is bathing or gets wet for some other reason, you will need to use the repellent again.

There is a different procedure in cases of flea infestation. Namely, in situations like this, you will have to use this powder more frequently. The use is related to the intensity of infestation. Some people use it 3-4 times a week, until the fleas are completely gone. Others were able to eliminate the infestation by using this remedy once a week. Once again, it is very important to use the powder again in case the dog or cat gets wet.

In case you are dealing with flea infestation, you’ll have to put some of this powder on the windows, floors, pet bedding, door sills, sofa and other places. Obviously, you should focus on the areas where your dog or cat usually sits and relaxes. Don’t forget that fleas as well as their eggs are found in these areas too. Simply use a small amount of this powder there and let it stay for at least 12 hours (overnight). Use a vacuum cleaner in the morning. Perform this procedure once a week for one month in case of flea infestation.

If you put this powder close to the sills of your windows and doors you will keep the insects out of your home.

Remember that this is a holistic approach advised by many holistic veterinarians. There are few other natural ways to eliminate fleas and insects from your home and pets, so feel free to try these repellents too. The holistic approach guarantees a complete solution without harming your pet, yourself or the environment.

Final note: Is It Safe to Use Diatomaceous Earth?

Let’s be clear, there are rumors related to food grade diatom flour. The rumors claim that this ingredient is bad for the lungs in case someone breaths the flour. However, this is only true when it comes to filter grade or crystallized diatomaceous earth. These varieties can lead to silicoses (a well-known disease) in case you are breathing this substance for a long time.

However, food grade diatom flour is completely harmless, so stick to the food grade variety. This specific kind of diatomaceous earth is processed and comes in a different form compared to other varieties. 

Just like any product that comes in the form of powder, it is a good idea to use a dust mask while you are using because it can lead to coughing.

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