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Ecological And Cheap – An Effective Mosquito Repellent We All Have At Home

If you are taking care about the environment and don’t want to use some chemicals for suppressing the boring mosquitoes, you can use coffee grounds instead.

The coffee grounds are used for fertilizing plants and shaping up the skin, but the coffee ground or ground coffee is also very efficient in suppressing mosquitoes as US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims.

You will also suppress other insects together with the mosquitoes with the help of burning coffee grounds. Now you will learn how to do it.

Note: You can use ordinary coffee, but it is less effective than coffee grounds.


    1. Take the coffee grounds and place them on a saucer covered with aluminum foil. Keep them on a cool, dry area in order to make them completely dry.
    2.  Once they are dried you can put them on a flat area like a table, on open air. Make sure that the children or your pets can’t reach it.
    3. Using a match, burn the grounds until they begin to smoke.
    4. The grounds will burn slowly and the mosquitoes will flee.

Form the grounds in length. Fire it at one end and it will burn slowly and have the same effect.

This trick will surely work.

One more advice: You can apply fresh bay leaf in electric mosquito repellent. Try it you’ve got nothing to lose.

As mentioned above you can use coffee grounds against other insect, like ants.

It is very simple you just need to scatter some coffee grounds on the desired area and the ants will flee right away.

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