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Eyelash loss: Symptoms, Causes

Eyelash loss is also known as madarosis. This refers to profuse or abnormal falling out of eyelash hairs other than the natural or normal hair replacement process which is happening to every body hair. This condition is not life threatening. But it is very distressing condition which can refer that you are suffering from another serious problem. There are severe cases in which people can end without lash hairs at all.

Symptoms of eyelashes falling out

There are some obvious symptoms of eyelashes falling out which are including that they are becoming very few or completely absent and thinning. They are having gaps. They are becoming brittle. Also they are easily coming out when you are applying mascara.

Causes for eyelash loss

There are many different causes why eyelashes are falling out and they can vary from one individual to another. These causes are ranging from conditions and diseases, some treatments, diets and general care which is given to their eyelashes. Here are the most common causes for eyelash loss:

  • Hypotrichosis: In this condition the long thick hair is replaced with vellus hair. This is a very short, brittle, fine and thin hair which is seen on some parts of our bodies which we think that they are hairless such as nose, cheeks, brows and lashes. This condition can be inherited or it can be caused by other medical conditions.
  • Menopause: It is normal to experience hair loss or eyelash loss during menopause because there are dwindling levels of estrogen. When you have reduced estrogen levels, then this often slows the growth of your hair and also it can cause hair follicle destruction. Also you will have thinner and fewer hairs and lashes.
  • Dermatological or eyelid skin problems: Some skin infections such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can result in itchy sensation which is making people to rub their eyes. This leads to eyelash loss.
  • Normal loss: If you have noticed that you have lost a few of your eyelashes, then you should not be worried about it because it is a normal process. They are falling because they are aging so this means that will grow new hairs on those places.
  • Some medications: There are some medications which can cause eyelash, eyebrow and hair loss. Blood pressure medications, thyroid balancing drugs, anti – cholesterol drugs, some anti – clotting medications and some oral anti – acne drugs are all connected to eyelash loss. But it is said that when you stop using these medications, then at this moment will start to grow your hair again.
  • Chemotherapy treatment of cancer: People who are cancer patients are often having hair loss. Their eyelashes, scalp and eyebrow hair will start to fall out but also it can fall hair from other parts of your body. This is a short term problem because the chemotherapy is affecting your hair follicles. When you stop with the chemotherapy, then your hair will start to grow again.
  • Trichotillomania tangle: This is a physiological condition in which person who is affected with it involuntary pulls off their body hairs in which are included eyelashes. This impulse control disorder is affecting people and they start to pull the hair from their eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp.
  • Hyperactive and underactive thyroid problems: One of the most common causes for having eyelash loss or eyebrow loss is to have hyperactive or underactive thyroid glands. This also can cause the general body hair to falls out. If you have overactive thyroid gland, then this can cause amnesia, a swollen lower neck, headaches, weight loss and intolerance to heat. If you have underactive thyroid gland, then this can cause inability to tolerate cold, weight gain and dry skin.
  • Alopecia areata: This is an autoimmune disorder that can make some immunity cells to start attacking the hair follicles or roots. Also it can cause hair loss on your eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp and other body hairs.
  • Allergic reaction to eyelash makeup and mascara: Eyelashes dyes, eyelash primers and mascaras are having chemicals which are a reason why eyelashes start to fall out. These chemicals can trigger allergic reactions which result in eyelash loss.