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Fight Against Stress With Vegetables

People who eat more vegetables, cope better with stress from transmitting useful food, found Australian scientists said on in. “Daily Mail”.

According to the newspaper, the risk of stress decreases by 12 percent for people who eat three or four servings a day compared with one serving or less.

Five to seven servings a day, it decreased by 23 per cent. The benefits of vegetables is even greater for women. The risk of stress to them reduced by 18 per cent in three or four portions a day.

Five to seven servings a day, he once again reduced by 23 per cent. Fruits do not reduce stress as vegetables. Scientists from the University of Sydney have worked with 60,000 Australians aged over 45 years.

They reported what their consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as factors of lifestyle and psychological distress during the period from 2006 to 2008 in 2010

Previous studies found that people who eat more fruits and vegetables suffer less from depression.