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Finally! The FDA Admits That Nearly Over 80% Chickens Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic

It is finally admitted by the FDA that chicken meat consists of inorganic arsenic. It has been kept a secret for a long time, but recently the  FDA has accepted that the chicken meat available in the supermarket has arsenic in it.

Are you aware of what is arsenic? It is actually a toxic chemical which can lead to the cancer formation in your body. It can be fatal is arsenic is taken in high doses.

How arsenic becomes a part of the chicken meat? It is shocking to know that around 70% chickens are fed in arsenic. It helps to stimulate the faster growth in chickens, it minimize the food requirement of the chicken and also provides healthy color to the chicken, hog meat as well as turkey. This fact has revealed in IATP’s report in 2006, known as Playing Chicken.

As per the survey conducted by FDA, the report stated that among the tested chickens half of them had inorganic arsenic in the liver. Through the consumption of this chicken, the toxic form of arsenic will entire our body leading to cancer formation.

Consequently, the production of Roxarsone by Pfizer was stopped which contains the arsenic. This drug was widely used to feed chicken to make the meat looks fatter and provide it a nice pink color.

The Wall Street Journal Report

It is reported by the wall street journal that in the recent study conducted it is found that 100 broiler chickens have inorganic arsenic at huge levels in the livers. These chickens were treated with 3-Nitro of Pfizer. Thus, the sale and of 3-Nitro was stopped in July and another treatment was suggested for the chickens.

The products with high arsenic were called back from all the stores in US and FDA assets that the chicken consists of arsenic at the safer level and is not dangerous for health anymore.

The production industry of meat wants to hide the truth about the adverse impact of arsenic on the human health. The combination of arsenic, lead and mercury are highly toxic effect on children and fetuses. This fact is backed by the study conducted by the University of South Carolina Department of Environmental Health Services.

The toxic level of arsenic is very high and considered as 4 times more toxic than mercury. The Journal of the American Medical Association has published a study which provides that  individuals who constantly consume a huge amount of rice with a high level of arsenic in it, experience a deadly change in their cells which promotes cancer development.

If the arsenic remains ingested it causes Bowen disease like basal cell carcinoma on the skin or  invasive squamous cell carcinoma; and sometimes it leads to cancers of the internal organs which includes lungs, kidneys, lungs, liver, and bladder.

So, the fact is having elderberry juice is dangerous for health but as per FDA s food which consist of arsenic is safe to consume, ironic, isn`t it?