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For Faster Weight Loss and Another 10 Advantages of OLIVES That You Did Not Know

Apart from helping you to lose your extra weight faster, if you consume them frequently, the olives have another 10 advantages that you probably have not heard before.

1. They protect the cardiovascular system

The olives prevent the blockage of the arteries, thus reducing the chances of a heart attack. However, keep in mind that black olives are richer with antioxidants than green olives.

2. They protect you from cancer

The chronic stress and inflammation in the body can lead the body to be less immune to cancer, but the olives weaken this combination with their antioxidants and the Vitamin E.

3. They reduce the pain

No matter if you have a headache, muscle pain or pain in some other part of the body, instead of aspirin or another tablet for calming, eat some olives. They and the oil in them will reduce the pain immediately.

4. They protect you from allergies

The olive oil also acts as an antihistamine, which will protect you from the seasonal allergies if you are prone to them.

5. They have an influence to the beauty of your skin and hair

The black olives contain fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin, while the famous mask of olive oil protects your hair from cracked tops and fragility.

6. They improve the work of the digestive tract

The consumption of the vitamin E found in olives, can help to your colon to release the free radicals so it will be protected from cancer. Olive oil can protect you from stomach ulcers and gastritis.

7. They are a source of iron

Especially the black olives contain iron which helps the cells in the body easier to transport the oxygen, which further helps you to feel more energetic.

8. They keep your eyes

Besides the vitamin E, the olives contain vitamin A which keeps your eyesight and improves the night vision, and protect you from diseases associated with aging.

9. They strengthen your blood

They reduce the blood lipids and strengthen the glutathione in it, which is a reason to eat them.

10. They help you to lose some extra weight

The best advantage of the olives, especially for the girls is exactly this one. They help you to lose weight with the olive oil that dissolves the fats and free fats in them that induce the melting of the weight.