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Forget The Silicones: 6 Plants That Cause Breasts Growth!

While it is true that plastic surgery can provide some results, it is also true that using the help of Mother Nature is the best way to eliminate our “flaws”.

The following is a short list of plants that cannot be found frequently and have an ability to affect breast size.

Plants That Cause Breasts Growth

1. Let’s begin with fenugreek a seed that as the name suggests comes from Greece. These seeds can be found in herbal pharmacies and should be left in water to soak overnight. In the morning, massage the breasts with the solution.

2. Another plant known for its different healing and medicinal properties is greater burdock. Taking greater burdock leads to improved blood flow to the tissues found in breasts and this plant can also improve the work of the reproductive system.

3. On the other hand, fennel is not good only in the form of tea for easing colic in infants, but the ingredients it contains (dianethole, anethole and photoanethole) raise the level of estrogen in the system. In addition, fennel is packed with phytoestrogens, compounds that support breasts growth and significantly improve milk production in nursing moms.

4. Licorice is a plant that includes all the aforementioned ingredients found in fennel, so you can expect more or less the same effects.

5. Anis is an herb that comes from China and it is often used as a seasoning. However, the ingredients found in Anis have proven to be beneficial for breasts growth, so make sure to include this herb in your daily menu.

6. Finally, you can also use Pueraria Mirifica, a Thai herb that is most often used for prevention of wrinkles (it is part of many lotions and creams). What is interesting is that this herb is an active ingredient in pills, creams and other products specially designed for breasts growth.

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