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Get a New Body in 28 Days By Doing This 4-Minute Exercise!

Follow these morning instructions and you will get the body of a supermodel!

Take on the challenge along with thousands of people around the world and get your body in a perfect form! Plank is one of the most effective drills for firming the mid-section of your body. Although it may look like a very simple exercise to beginners (hence usually avoided), it actually burns your fat and strengthens your back and stomach muscles including the muscles on your butt, arms and legs.

Follow these morning rules if you are headed for a supermodel body:

Plank stimulates core muscle strength. It is actually a workout for stamina in the upper part of your body similar to push-ups, as the muscle work here resembles the one in push-ups.

The plank-challenge continues for 4 weeks and the plank exercises steadily increase in duration over time.

The initial timing is only 20 seconds and the final targets a 4-minute continuous or uninterrupted plank. As your muscle weight increases in the final phase your body will be fit for even bigger challenges. The most important thing about this exercise is doing it properly. When you push yourself up using your hands and support your body on your toes, it is essential to bring the upper part of your body in a flat line.

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