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Growing jackfruits in containers (easy tips)

About Jackfruits:

Jackfruit is a giant tree that grows up to a height of 30 to 70 feet. Its leaves are shiny, rich green and leathery, which are 9 inches long in length. The flower blossomed on short twigs, which are attached to large branches. Its fruits are quite large, which can be about 3 feet long and 20 inches wide. When it ripening it becomes yellow from inside and spreads a sharp fragrance.  The jackfruit tree requires open air and full sunlight, Which is grown in the tropical parts of Southeast Asia. Nowadays it is popularly being developed in other parts of the world also in tropical and subtropical sites.  It is in a hot climate and it is easy to look after it compared to the domestic tree. Nature Bring is giving you simple solutions to develop in the home.

Where is found:

This tree is cultivated in India very much, except in India it is also grown in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Kenya, Uganda, and Mauritius.

It is considered a jack of all fruit. Its fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, carbohydrate, electrolytes, fiber, fats and proteins.  This fruit contains calories but does not contain cholesterol or saturated fats. Its use is better for the perception of health.


Scientific name                    Artocarpus heterophyllus

Common name                   Jack fruit

plant type                              Vegetable/ Fruit

Sun required                        Full Sun

Soil                                         Rich well-drained

Soil pH                                   5-7 pH

Zone                                       9-11

How to grow jackfruits:

  • It is a tropical tree, so for its implementation, a tropical and humidity environment is necessary. Its trees are sensitive to the growing cold.
  • The flourish in rich, deep and somewhat porous soil very well. A mixture of soil, sand, and perlite is appropriate for proper drainage.
  • They constantly prefer the humidity of the environment. That is why it requires constant water. Water should not log in its plant, roots may rot if it is too wet near the roots.
  • If all the above requirements are met, then you can plant it by its seed. Well, its medium of propagation is also a seed, which is a month’s self-small life. Germination takes 3 to 8 weeks. Germination can be sharp if you soaking the seeds in 24 hours before germination. You can also use its stem cutting and by air, layering to expand its plant.
  • Once the seed gets germinated, and its 4 leaves go out, you can transplant

Planting In Ground:

  • If you planting in a ground Jackfruits grow faster and have big trees, so in 18 feet rows and if single trees are planting then there should be no tree or bush on 10 feet all around.
  • Planting in a container:
  • The height of the jackfruits tree is quite high. But you can put some dwarf species such as Black Gold in containers.
  • Jackfruits can be easily planted in containers, but choose large containers for its root development. Be aware that the drainage in these containers should also be well. It’s well in 20-inch diameter and 24-inch deep containers. Due to its porous nature, glazed pot is more suitable than terra cotta pot.

How to care jackfruits:

  • Its trees prefer direct sun and bright sunlight. If possible, keep it in the sunlight for 10 hours. The bright sunlight is good for the development of the plant and the production of fruits.
  • Seeds should be collected from healthy, mature plants so that the productivity of your plant remains good.
  • When you watering the jackfruits plant, then the entire water should be absorbed, and do not let the water again until it gets dried up 2 inches. Depending on the state of light, position, and leaf, water requirement can be fixed.
  • Feed a weak liquid fertilizer weekly. These plants do not feed But especially small plants require regular fertilizer.
  • In winter, when the temperature goes down significantly, then there should be a heavy mulch on all four sides of the plant.
  • To keep moisture, mulch in the summer and always protect it from the weed.
  • This tree is established in 3 to 4 years, during this period if it produces flowers, then it should take a pinch to promote development.
  • The initial cutting of the main trunk inspires the production of other branches. Weak, dead, diseased and overlapping branches should be removed. It promotes light penetration and air movement, as well as it is necessary to prevent pesticides and pathogenic diseases.

How to Use:

Jackfruits are also used as a popular vegetable. It’s vegetable is very spicy and delicious. Asia is also known as vegan meat. It’s raw fruit is also used for making soup, pickle, puree etc. It’s ripe fruits are aromatic, which is used for eating. It is used for making ice cream, pastries, and cakes.

Insects and diseases:

Jack-fault borers, fruit flies, and birds are its common insects, which bother it. Jack-fruit borer affects all its parts. But it can be easily prevented by using organic insecticide. Its fruits can be protected from birds using the net.

How to Harvest:

Its young fruits can also be harvested, it comes to the vegetable’s use when seeds become stiff. There are some solid grounds for selection of mature fruits.

  1. Hollow sound upon fruit taping
  2. Changes in the skin color of the fruit pale green to greenish- yellow or brownish yellow.
  3. Strong aroma starts spreading.

The fruit stalk is cut with a sharp knife.

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