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Grow Plants in Pots: House Plants, Outdoor Plants

What plants can be grown in a container?

A wide variety of plants are grown in containers – annuals and perennials, flowers, cereals, ornamental herbaceous plants, even vegetables, fruit bushes and trees.

Thus, cultivation has a number of advantages:

  • Creating special growing conditions for the plant. For example, plants that need very acidic soil, the owners are forced to water with acidified water. Or you can simply purchase soil with the appropriate acidity and plant the crop in a container. If you want to grow plants that are native to the subtropics, it’s easier to plant them in a container and set them up indoors;
  • The ability to move containers for plants so that there is spectacular landscaping on the site, on the porch, on the terrace or by the alley – if the flowers have faded, they can be moved to another place and set to the next composition;
    Container planting helps to fill in empty areas of the garden, for example, if young trees will not grow to their proper size soon;
  • If a beautiful plant is the aggressor, a container is the best way to keep it within reasonable limits;
  • The container itself can be a decoration of the garden. As a container, you can use an old barrel, an original bathtub, an old washbasin or an amazingly beautiful flowerpot;
  • Container planting helps to zone the space at the request of the owners of the garden.

Features of growing plants in a container

First of all, you should choose the right container. Too small a plant container, in some cases, may even break off with its roots. If you are buying trees or shrubs in containers, when transplanting to a more effective container, choose a container that is 2-3 cm larger in diameter than the container in which the crop arrived. This will allow for a smooth transfer.

Provide the plant with good drainage and nutrient soil. Keep in mind that the culture will receive both water and nutrients only from the container in which it grows. Therefore, the soil mixture must be of high quality, in addition, it is worth regularly fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers and organic matter.