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Growing Guava in container


Guava is tropical fruit, its cultivation In tropical and sub-tropical areas, there is abundance. In the ground, this tree goes up to a height of about 30 feet from the height of about 12 feet. There are many species of it that you can easily plant in the container and its care is also very easy. Its flowers are colorful and delicate fragrances. Read this article on Nature Bring for developing and caring for guava fruit.


Botanical name                  Psidium guajava

Watering                             Regular watering

Soil                                         Better in rich soil

Sun                                         Full sun

Fertilizer                               in a month

Climate                                  humid and dry both



You can grow guava trees in containers or ground. Guava plants need well-drained soil, but it also developed in different kinds of soils. The significant amount of salts in the soil should avoid from using. And the PH in the soil is the amount of this soil for good guava.


The fruit of the guava may be 4 inches long and 4 to 5 inches in width. The shape of the fruit is round, oval or pear size. It is found in white, pink, red or flash color. Guava fruit has the aroma of a certain kind. Ripped fruit on the trees is good and sweet in taste. Rounded small size seeds inside the fruit. Ripe and green fruit can be 2 to 4 weeks in store.


Guava requires regular watering. Guava plant requires deep watering. The plant can stay alive in the saturated soil. Watering that should have at least soil wet 2-3 inches. Lack of moisture that may delay flowering and fruit drop may be because of it.


Guava is developed in both moist and dry climate. It’s fruit found in both seasons. In the low temperature, guava is alive. The temperature of 29 degrees or above is good for the guava. Guava is not tolerance only very high temperature and full of water soil.


Guava can be pruning to maintain the shape is around the edges if desired. It does not impact on the yields of at least from sorting.


The guava trees need fertilizer once a month and before the pruning of tree if given full organic manures you can find a better result. If given regular compost can find good yields.

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