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How to grow dwarf apple in container

How to Grow a Dwarf Apple Tree

About apple tree:

Apple seems a little strange to listen to grow in the container, but it is a dwarf species comes, you can grow easily. Whether apple tree in terrace garden or patio can appeal.  Yes, it’s a little care and a suitable environment is important. Nature Bring to be telling you how apple will plant container.

Apple is so many advantages of locating in the container. 1. It can move when during the bed whether in winter in the yard or in spring frost you can shift it in hot area house.

  1. Container takes up very little space, which is very important at the present time. It is ideal for small houses.
  2. Decorative and attractive to fruit plants in containers, which provides a new look to your terrace Garden and Patio. Fruit in containers are also disadvantages as well as advantages to plants. Following the plant in containers require regular watering. Given the environment of the plant has to misplace.


Botanical Name                  Malus domestica

Plant type                            Fruit

Sun required                       Full Sun

Soil                                        Loamy/well drained

Soil pH                                 Natural

zone                                      3-8

Bloom time                         Summer

Select rootstock:

  • The plant was developed by Apple is not right to send. If you want to find an apple tree in the container, you have a dwarf or semi-dwarf grafted nursery plant purchase one.
  • First, you make the choice of which species you want to grow, then you choose rootstock that grows on. This is required for some fruit plants.
  • Rootstock to help control cultivar vigour, and it is more suitable for a container.
  • If you see the level Root stock written on it with the name of the cultivar, such as Apple’s ‘Discovery’ M9

This  is the best option:

Apple: M9, M26 (M27 is too dwarfing )

Growing condition:

  • Keep this in mind as they were in the open position of the sun in any container promotes plant growth.
  • To avoid afternoon sun in the summer the container moves in the place that is shaded.
  • Regular watering is necessary, but keep in mind that when the compost surface dries completely re-Water.
  • When a report every alternate year since the plant dropped its leaves, its roots while doing a report pruning and change the surface of the compost.

dwarf apple tree

Apple tree in a container :

  • Usually, the fruit is more appropriate to plant in large containers, Apple tree in a container with 18 to 20 inches is well developed. Plastic containers are more suitable than clay container. Clay containers are heavy and there is a fear of breakdown. However, fruit plants in containers can be planted in any season. But even putting the plant is better suited for the spring season, this season, increasing the plant’s roots and plant installation helps. The plant you are putting into the pot put in the bottom of pebbles or broken pieces of the pot, which goes out of the water Decorative mulch over the soil to keep moisture.
  • After the tree has reached its final size it is also worth replenishing a proportion of the soil every 3-5 years. Some authorities suggest root-pruning at this time as well, in other words pruning the roots back by about a quarter, which will encourage the tree to continue growing whilst preventing it getting too big. During the growing season, the nutrient that helps, but its nutrients in a year are almost over. This does not mean you cannot use organic manure or compost, they are using the healthy plant.
  • The third volume of a good quality compost mix in perlite. Include fortnightly liquid potassium.

* Spring season planting in the central and northern regions is considered the best. Where the weather is generally mild and humid in the fall and winter, it is best to fall planting.

Soil Requirement :

Apples deep, fertile and well-draining soil, preferring the sandy loam soils prefer. The moderately rich soil is suited to the apple tree and retain Moisture is needed.Some other organic material and nutrients to maintain soil moisture, but they are used to decompose. Whether you can use ordinary soil and the compost mixture. Complete mixing of the manure so it dries quickly. In containers ready for planting apple trees Potting Mix slightly acidic and neutral pH (6 to 6.8) use.

Watering :

Almost all plants require regular watering engaged in a container, so the apple tree requires regular watering. During the formation of flower buds generally more water through and other times moderately and require less water in winter. Deep water promotes the growth of plants, but avoid over watering can cause damage to the plant, root rot is a victim of it. Over watering the development of powdery mildew is likely to persist.

Fertilizer :

Every 2 weeks during the growing season water Soluble fertilizer to apple plant.  When the tree becomes old fruit fertilizer use. The compost must read the directions before using packets. Reduce the feeding during the winter to late fall


Growing apple tree requires cool winter and moderate summer temperature. Where the temperature is too warm a bit and has not developed the Apple Tree. The tree will tolerate extremely low temperatures and become dormant.

Pruning : 

The best time to pruning when trees are dormant. Apple’s plants are dormant late winter or beginning of spring. Such branches went immediately to discard the dead. Pruning helps to provide stability to the plant quickly.

Fruit of the dwarf apple tree

Pests and diseases :

  • The apple affected from pests, but here are a few tips, which you can avoid problems.
  • Apple trees in containers fitted to require care in the summer. Regular watering, prevent the fruits dropping and stop along the browning of leaves edges.
  • Japanese beetles that attack apples but it is terminated by the spray. The apple maggot is the most harmful for apple.
  • There are some common problems which can be well away from the monitor. These are the main apple canker, apple scab, bacterial canker, brown rot, peach leaf curl and silver leaf.

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