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Benefits of Bay Leaves on your Health

Bay leaves have many benefits such as prevent certain types of cancer, optimize digestion, alleviate respiratory issues, reduce inflammation, improve heart health, manage diabetes, protect the body from bacterial infections, speed wound healing, slow the aging process and it has ability to detoxify the body. There are many different types of plants which leaves are known as bay leaves.

The true bay leaf is known with its scientific name – Laurus nobilis. This is the true bay leaf while other bay leaves are having similar aroma and appearance to the true bay leaves but their nutrient content is not same. As we have said there are many leaves which are known as bay leaves so you should consume only the true bay leaf to get many benefits because other varieties can be toxic when you are consuming them.

Benefits for Health and Body of Bay leaves

Diabetes management: 

Bay leaves will improve the receptor function and they will help you to have normal levels of blood sugar because they can regulate it. People who have developed diabetes or who have increased chances to get it should consume bay leaves at regular base because it will lower their chances to get this condition.

Anxiety and stress: 

Bay leaves have natural soothing properties. Bay leaves have linalool that can help you to lower the levels of stress hormones in your body and also they are used in aromatherapies. If you have excess stress hormones in your body, then they can be dangerous for your long – term health. These leaves will help you to calm down which means that you will feel relaxed even when you have anxiety moments.

Cancer prevention: 

Bay leaves have unique combinations of organic compounds (such as parthenolide, linalool, catechins and phytonutrients) and antioxidants which will keep your body safe from the side effects of the free radicals. We know that free radicals are a reason why healthy cells mutate in cancerous cells so you need to add bay leaves in your diet because they can help you a lot.

Heart health: 

Bay leaves have rutin and caffeic acid that are important organic components of them. Caffeic acid will help you to eliminate the bad cholesterol from your cardiovascular system while the rutin will strengthen your capillary walls in the body’s extremities and the heart.

Anti – inflammatory activity: 

Bay leaves can reduce the inflammation throughout your body. They have parthenolide which is unique phytonutrient that can help you to reduce the irritation and inflammation when you apply it topically on the affected areas such as sore areas or joints that are affected by arthritis. You can get this effect when you consume bay leaves at regular base.

Hair health: 

After you are finished with the shampooing, then you should steep bay leaves in water and then you should rub them on your scalp. This will help you to eliminate dandruff and improve the health of your hair follicles. Bay leaves have volatile ingredients and chemicals that will help you to eliminate dandruff and dry skin.

Respiratory conditions: 

If you want to alleviate various respiratory conditions, then you should apply a mixture of this natural cure. You need to extract the essential oil of bay leaves and mix it into a salve. Then, you should apply it on your chest because it will help you to alleviate these conditions. Also you can make a poultice of these leaves and you will get the same effect. You should spread the poultice on your chest and you should let this natural cure to stay there all night. You need to inhale the vapors to get the wanted results. They have the same effects as the aromatherapy. They can help you to loosen up the phlegm and they will eliminate the dangerous bacteria which may be trapped in your respiratory system because they have natural antibacterial properties.

Digestive health: 

These leaves have very strong effects on your gastrointestinal system because they will stimulate the urination because it is natural diuretic. They will decrease the toxicity of your body and it will stimulate the vomiting when you have consumed some toxic components.