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The Best 10 Herbs for Hormonal Balance

Men and women over 35 often have hormonal imbalances. Sedentary style, stress and bad diets cause this. Also this imbalance stresses the body and even leads to cancer or diabetes.

It is great to know that many herbs can aid in this and make you healthier. The body can accept these herbs and process them like food, much better than pills. See the list.


This herb is an adaptogen and this means you are safe against stress and cholesterol. These things stress us a lot and cause the imbalance. Take this even before the imbalance starts. But keep in mind this can interfere with some meds so have it 3 hours before the meds.


Good for both the adrenal and thyroid. Those with thyroid problems must take it. Also it makes better blood flow in female organs and reduces menopause. Also it treats erection problems and reduces stress.

Saw palmetto

This berry is great for curing prostatic hyperplasia. Take this for more sperm count and reduce fatigue. Immunity will get better too.

American ginseng

This one is good for reproductive hormones and is good for women who want to conceive. Studies on animals proved that it makes more estradiol-17 beta and improves male stamina.


This root was used by Inca warriors for endurance. It has zinc and improves the libido. Also it removes hot flashes in women and insomnia.


This one improves the androgen receptors in female brains. Also it was used by Chinese and Indian people for more sperm count and erection problems.


This root makes balance in the endocrine system and keeps the pancreas healthy and blood sugar normal. Also makes good mood and fertility.


Used for centuries for menopause signs. It relaxes muscles, lessens PMS and mimics testosterone.


This extract enhances the pituitary gland for estrogen and prolactin. It is good for females and even treats breast pain and ovary diseases.

Black cohosh

This was used by Native Americans for female infertility the most. Studies shown it can act just like estrogen inside the brain and even affect reproducing. Many women in menopause use this for lessening the signs of estrogen insufficiency.

If you have such problems with the hormones, before taking these, consult an expert or a doctor.