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Benefits of Cashews And Its Side Effects

Beneficial properties of Cashews nuts

Cashew is an evergreen heat-loving tree, with a thick, winding trunk and sprawling branches. All parts of this plant are successfully used. Brazil is the birthplace of the tree, but it is currently cultivated in many countries with warm climates, such as India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Nigeria and others.

Cashews have many benefits such as encourage a better immune system, aid in the formation of the red blood cells, give you a relief from gallstones, anemia and diabetes, improve the oral and bone health, strong muscle and nerve function and healthy heart. These super nuts belong to the family of Anacardiaceae, in which are also included pistachios and mangoes. They are originally native to the coastal areas of northeastern Brazil. They are kidney shaped.

Nuts are healthy option which every single person should add in their diets. If you consume cashews in appropriate quantities, then they can help you to maintain a robust and steady state of health. Cashews are rich in vitamins (Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C) and minerals (zinc, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper).

What are cashews?

Botanists do not consider cashews nuts at all, treating them as two-fruit. One part is a large, fleshy, juicy pedicle, it is also called an apple. The second part is at the top of the apple and is actually a nut in a dense shell. Bright orange or red fruits are very juicy and tasty, but they deteriorate very quickly and cannot be transported. They are widely used in the preparation of juices, jams, jellies and even alcoholic beverages.

Cashew tree

Cashew nuts are remarkably tolerant of transportation, because they are sold with great success in all countries. In recent times, cashew nuts have become popular in our country.

Curved cashew nuts are in a hard shell. But they are never sold in the shell, but always only in purified form. The thing is that between the top shell and the nut itself there is another one that contains oil that can cause burns. But you should not be afraid of poisoning with cashew nuts, since poisonous oil completely disappears after special roasting – by evaporation, after which the peeled nuts are fit for human consumption and will not cause harm.

The poisonous substance also found its application in industry and medicine. In particular, a composition is obtained from it that is impregnated with wood in order to protect it from rotting.

Benefits and healing properties of cashews

The benefits of cashew nuts are beyond doubt. In different countries they were used as a folk remedy for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Cashew nut is considered a remedy for asthma, bronchitis, flu. Walnut has antiseptic properties, so they treat throat inflammation and diseases of the oral cavity.

The vitamins contained in it promote the metabolism of proteins and fatty acids in the body and lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is used to treat indigestion and intestinal disorders as it has a pronounced antibacterial, in particular, anti-lysteric effect.

Cashew nut is considered an effective tonic and aphrodisiac, due to the content of vitamin E in them. They are strengthened by the immune system, ensure the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Another advantage of cashews is their low allergenicity compared to other nuts.

Japanese experts found that cashew kernels contain substances that fight harmful bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. In Africa, healers also use a mixture of crushed cashew nuts to treat aching teeth and gum disease, lubricating the mouth cavity with it. Cashews and in our country are recommended by dentists.

Cashew is included in many diets for weight loss. They are well saturated and digested, thereby reducing the amount of consumed high-calorie foods. There is a need for them a little, sometimes replacing them with other high-calorie meals.

In cosmetology, the benefits of cashew nuts are also evaluated. Cashew oil is widely used, which is full of a variety of cosmetics: massage cream, face mask, body mask and hair.

Cashew is widely used in cooking: it is an excellent self-made snack, and a wonderful ingredient in salads, first and second dishes, sauces and pastries.

Benefits for Health and Body of Cashews


Gallstones are stone – like deposits which usually consist of cholesterol that accumulates in the gall bladder. When you add cashews in your diet at regular basis, then you can lower the risk of formation of gallstones.


Cashews are source of iron which is vital for carrying oxygen around your body and also it aids in the function of the immune system and enzymes. If you have iron deficiency in your diet, then this can lead to anemia, body fatigue and an increased susceptibility to infections.

Bone and oral health: 

Cashews are also rich in phosphorous which is important element for the healthy development of bones and teeth. This element also aids in the protein synthesis, maintenance of the cellular health and absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

Immune system: 

These nuts are rich in zinc which is one of the most important elements for the strengthening of our immune system against the microbial infections, protein synthesis and the healing of wounds. Also this element is very important during the pregnancy for the growth of the baby and the development years of childhood to maintain a stable state of the body.

Kidney stones: 

These nuts have oxalate salts which interfere with the absorption of calcium in your body. When you have accumulated calcium in your body, then this can result in kidney stones. This is a reason why people who are prone to develop kidney stones should eat cashews in small amounts.

Red blood cells: 

These nuts are rich in copper which help in the keeping bones and the immune system healthy, aids in the formation of red blood cells and helps in the metabolism of iron. If you have a deficiency of copper in your body, then this can result in anemia, irregular heartbeats and osteoporosis.


Cashews have antioxidants such as cardols, cardanols and anacardic acids which are positive for people undergoing treatments for cancer and tumors. Ground cashews are a comparatively simple absorbed form of protein and also they are advised as safe natural food for these patients.


Cashews have no harmful cholesterol and the presence of very low amounts of sugar which is making them one of the safest foods for diabetic patients.

Healthy muscles and nerves:

Cashews are rich in magnesium. They are very important for the healthy development of organs, tissues, muscles and bones of the body. This element can help you to maintain keep the bones strong, maintain nerve function, sustain the immune system and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Circumstances When Cashews Can Be Unsafe

If cashew nuts are stored for a long time at your home, then a case of their premature damage is not excluded. In this case, an allergic reaction occurs due to the abuse of cashew nuts. Individual intolerance to the components of the product becomes an obstacle to being eaten.

If the storage of cashew nuts is observed, they will be completely safe for health, and even to some extent useful. Cashews may be an allergen. However, compared with other nuts, individual intolerance to cashews is quite rare.