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Surprising Health Benefits of Pequi

What is good for pequi body and health

Pequi is one of the most mysterious fruits in the world which is not worldwide discovered. Some people have heard about this fruit, but they have never seen it or never have tasted it. But in central parts of Brazil and northern portions of Paraguay this fruit is one of the most used fruits. For these parts of the world this is just normal every day fruit such as oranges and apples. This fruit has 5 to 6 months growth process. Its color can change it during this growth process from purple to dark green to light green. It has the same size as the orange. Also there is another name for pequi and it is souari nut.

This name is given because it has nuts in this fruit which people are using them such as roasted peanuts. In areas where this fruit grows, the souari nuts are more used compared with Brazil nuts. It has yellow edible pulp which is a mixture from cheese and fruit. But this kind of fruit is considered as one of the most dangerous fruits which you can consume and this is a reason why you should consult with your doctor before you eat pequi. Also this is a reason why this fruit is not available around the world. But also this fruit have some health benefits for which it should be consumed. Here are some of them:

Benefits for Health and Body of Pequi

Digestive health: 

This kind of fruit has fiber which is improving your digestive health because it is adding bulk to your stool. Also it is reducing the diarrhea, bloating, constipation, cramping and bloating. Also this kind of fruit is eliminating the bad cholesterol from your body which means that you are having healthy heart.

Healthy skin and hair: 

Inside the mesocarp there are seeds/nuts from which can be extracted pequi essential oil. This kind of oil is added in the traditional shampoo and moisturizes in Brazil but also this kind of oil is spread around the world in the last period. Vitamin A and tocopherol are components of pequi which are protecting our hair and skin because they have antioxidant properties.

Also when you are using pequi, then you are making your skin to have a rich glow. You are reducing your signs of premature aging. Pequi is keeping your skin from showing blemishes and also if you have scars, then you can heal faster.

Vision improvement: 

Pequi has high amounts of Vitamin A. Also this fruit has high amounts of carotenoid components which are having a role like antioxidants. They are protecting the ocular cells which mean you are protecting your eyes from the side effects of free radicals which are causing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Heart health: 

This kind of fruit has monounsaturated fatty acids which are having the same compounds such as nuts and olives. They are decreasing the high cholesterol levels in our body which means that they are protecting our body. Also pequi has linoleic, stearic and oleic acids which are improving the oxidation process in our bodies. This means that less cholesterol will build up on blood walls and artery walls which are protecting our cardiovascular system from coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks.

Joint and muscle pain: 

There was one study in which athletes were put on pequi – heavy diet. When they were exercising every day, they have inflammation of their muscles and joints were reduced when they were consuming pequi. This was explained by scientists that pequi has anti – inflammatory properties which are helping to reduce the inflammation. If this statement is proven in near future, then people who are suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions will have effective natural remedy.

Blood pressure: 

This fruit has potassium, vitamins and minerals which are having anti – inflammatory properties which are same like in other fruits. This means that when you are consuming pequi, then reducing the stress which blood vessels are having and also it will help to relax them. Pequi will ease the pressure on the heart and it will increase the blood flow. When people are having inflammation, then this can lead to tightening of the blood vessels which means that those people can have problems with their heart such as cholesterol clogging. Pequi will help them to reduce this risk.