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Benefits of Velvet Apples on Your Health

Wholesome features for Health of velvet apples

How many of you really know about velvet apples? Or even about velvet apples benefits or side effects? Many people eat velvet apples and do not even know about its properties for our body. Here you can get all the information about velvet apples.

Velvet Apple or Mabolo (Diospyros blancoi) – because of the rough surface of the fruit is also called shaggy. For the first time learned about this fruit in the Philippines. To date, fruits are growing in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Antilles. By the way, Velvet Apple is on the list of plants that is on the verge of extinction, so it is protected by the laws of the Philippines.

This evergreen tree grows slowly, grows to a height of 18-33 meters, the bark is black, with grooves, with a trunk diameter of 80 cm. Visible smoothness of leaves, dark green, oblong, glossy leaves on top, grow from 15 to 23 in length cm and a width of 5 to 9 cm. The leaves are used for food.

Velvet Apple (Mabolo) fruit description

This is the fruit of velvet appleVelvet Apple (Mabolo) fruits are oval or flattened in shape, 5 to 10 centimeters wide. Top covered with yellow, pink, orange, brownish or purple-red skin. The surface is velvety (translated from the Philippine ”mabolo” means ”hairy”). At the base, the fruit is covered with a stiff cup. On the tree, the fruits are arranged in pairs. The fruit with an intact skin has a rather unpleasant, damp-like smell. but you can’t call it juicy. But it has a very sweet banana-apple flavor. Inside the fruit there are brown wedge-shaped seeds that are covered with light membranes. Seeds up to 4 centimeters long, up to 2.5 cm wide. But they are grouped together by 4-8 pieces.Oguta meet and seedless fruits.

Before you use the fruit, they must be cleaned from the skin, because the hairs contained on its surface can irritate the skin and the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Currently, in the wild, Velvet Apple is already very difficult to meet, and the plant is on the verge of extinction, and therefore protected by Philippine law.

Velvet Apple (Mabolo) nutritional value (per 100 g)

Сalorie content of velvet apples per 100 g is 67 kcal, of which:

  • Energy value – 67 kcal
  • Protein – 0.5 g
  • Fat – 0.4 g
  • Carbohydrates – 15.3 g

Vitamins per 100 g:

  • A, ER – 198 μg;
  • Beta-carotene – 1.3 mg;
  • B1, thiamine – 0.04 mg;
  • B2, riboflavin – 0.06 mg;
  • B9, folic acid – 18 mg;
  • C, ascorbic acid – 13 mg;
  • E, alpha-tocopherol, TE – 0.5 mg;
  • PP, NE – 0.2 mg;
  • Niacin – 0.5 mg.

Macroelements per 100 g:

  • Potassium, K – 212 mg;
  • Calcium, Ca – 131 mg;
  • Magnesium, Mg – 57 mg;
  • Sodium, Na – 16 mg;
  • Phosphorus, Ph – 43 mg.

Trace elements also exist, they are represented by iron, which 100 g contains only 2.1 mg. Also, there are digestible carbohydrates in the form of mono- and disaccharides, for each 100 g they account for 15.2 g. Saturated fatty acids supplement these nutrients, however, their content here is minimal – 0.1 g.

Benefits of Velvet Apples (Mabolo) for Health and Body

Velvet Apple is usually grown as a fruit tree. Its fruits are edible fresh, they are also used to prepare various fruit salads, they are stewed in syrup and fried in oil, preparing a side dish.

Velvet Apple is valued as a source of B vitamins, calcium, iron and protein. The peel of the fruit contains many other biologically active substances (vitamin P, tannins, antioxidants, etc.).

This fruit is recommended for use in diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension, they are shown in diabetes, dysentery, diarrhea.

The fruit is not only nutritious, but also has a healing effect. and in alternative medicine also used other parts of the plant (bark and leaves). Broths and infusions of bark and leaves of velvet apple are indicated for eczema and other skin diseases, for stomach cramps, severe coughing, bronchitis, and also as a febrifuge.

The use of velvet apple as a medicinal plant has its own characteristics in individual countries. For example, in some countries of Southeast Asia, dysentery and diarrhea are usually treated with the help of the juice of unripe velvet apple fruit. In Bangladesh, detergents for washing the eyes and inflamed mucous membranes are made from the leaves and bark of this plant, and velvet apple is also used as an antidote for snake bites. In Guiana, velvet apples is considered one of the best medicines for hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Benefits properties for the health of Velvet apples (Velvet persimmon)

The fruit is most valuable when it is consumed raw, and when boiled or baked, some of the nutrients disappear. This apple is recommended for people with high blood pressure, prone to diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, hematopoietic, endocrine and immune systems. Also known is the use of velvet apple as an anti-inflammatory, cleansing, sedative, tonic and regenerating agent.

The use of velvet apple is shown for the following problems:

Violation of the chair – fiber, which is part of the fruit, gently affects the intestinal walls, tones them and strengthens, removes slags and feces from this organ. As a result of his purification, the condition of patients with colitis and gastritis stabilizes, and often leads to such a problem.

Low hemoglobin level – of course, iron is not enough to increase it in mabolo, but there is ascorbic acid that promotes its absorption. This effect leads to a strengthening of the immune system, improving mood and general well-being in general – migraines, weakness, tingling sensation in the limbs and their numbness pass.

“Clogged” vessels – over the years, with improper nutrition, cholesterol and other dangerous substances are certainly deposited. All this over time pollutes them and impairs blood flow, which leads to constant dizziness and in some cases heart failure. To cleanse them, you need to regularly consume fiber and drink more water; velvet apple will easily provide all of this.

Weak heart – this fruit strengthens its muscle, protects against cardiac diseases – angina, arrhythmias, rheumatism.

High pressure – with the help of Mabolo, you can alleviate the course of hypertension of any degree. This is due to the fact that it because of its low calorie helps to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins.

ENT diseases – regularly eating at least a small amount of fruit, it will be possible to increase the body’s defenses and speed up recovery from sore throat, chronic tonsillitis, bronchitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. This is especially important for young children who are most susceptible to their development.

Sick teeth – with caries, it is necessary to replenish the body’s phosphorus and calcium in time. Make it just allows mabolo, where they are contained in sufficient quantities. Due to this, the enamel will become stronger and reliable prevention of pulpitis will be provided. It is also important that in this way she can also bleach.

Scruffy skin – to make it healthy, you should regularly use folic acid, vitamins C and E. Cope with this task will help all the same Mabolo, which will provide her with a beautiful shine, smoothness, elasticity, protection from the negative effects of sunlight and the acceleration of regeneration.

Bad hair – velvet apple will stop their loss, activates the renewal of the bulbs, moisturize and eliminate dandruff. As a result, they will naturally shine and delight volume.

Important! This fruit will be ideal for snacking between main meals, as it quickly satisfies hunger and gives you satiety for a long time.

Side effects of Velvet Apples (Mabolo or Velvet persimmon)

When used in large quantities, this fruit is quite capable of causing an allergic reaction, manifested in redness, itching and inflammation of the skin.

But this is not the worst, it is very difficult for the stomach, even healthy. Given this, eating mabolo for breakfast without other ingredients on an empty stomach and especially raw is not recommended. If you break this rule, it will be possible the appearance of sharp abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn. To poisoning, of course, the situation does not come, but the feeling will not be the most pleasant.

Note the following contraindications for Velvet apple:

Diseases of the digestive tract – you should not “lean” on the fruit with gastritis and colitis in the acute stage, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia. This can lead to irritation of the mucous organs and severe pain in the right and left hypochondrium.

Allergy to orange and yellow fruit – if it occurs on oranges, lemons, grapefruits, then, most likely, there will be a red rash all over the body. Most should be attentive to children under 12 years old, who are especially prone to this.

Diabetes – this disease is an absolute contraindication to the use of velvet apple, because it contains too many easily digestible carbohydrates in the form of sugars. For this reason, the level of glucose in the blood can jump sharply, which in certain situations leads to loss of consciousness or even coma. The latter case concerns mainly those who suffer from diabetes mellitus of the first type for many years.

If you do not want to spend most of the next day or this day in the toilet, you should not eat velvet apple along with milk or cold water – there should be a difference of at least 2-3 hours between their methods.