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Surprising Health Benefits of Zaatar

There are many spices around the world which are healthy for our whole health like zaatar. But also there are other spices which should be combined with other spices because in this way they will help you to have the best results. Thyme is another name for zaatar in other parts of the world. But this spice usually consists of salt, sesame seeds, thyme and sumac. Also there are other varieties of this spice in which there is no thyme. Instead they use oregano in it. This kind of spice is very popular in the Middle Easy but nowadays is spread all around the world. This kind of spice is mostly added in vegetables, salads and meat. The flavor can be nutty, toasty or tangy. Also you can find this spice in bread and olive oil. If you suffer from an allergy to some of the components of this spice, then you should not add it in your diet. Talk with your doctor before you start using this spice. It has many organic components and nutrients which can help you to improve your condition. Benefits for Health and Body of this spice:

Health benefits of zaatar

Clear respiratory tract: 

When thyme is brewed in tea, then it has many expectorant properties in it. It can help us to clear our respiratory tract. When you are using this spice, then you cough out the mucus and phlegm. When you are feeling that you have cold, then you should add this spice in your meals. Also it has immune – boosting properties which can help your body to be protected from diseases.

Treating chronic diseases: 

Sumac which is part of the zaatar can protect you from cancer proliferation and it can neutralize the effect of the free radicals. This is possible because it has quercetin as its component. You should add this spice in your meals because you can protect your body from the free radicals which can lead to serious chronic diseases.

Boost cognition: 

There are many beliefs that this kind of spice can improve our memory. It has high amounts of minerals which can stimulate the neural activity and boost the brain power.

Increase energy: 

It has high amounts of polyphenols and flavonoids. They can increase the energy level in your body which means that your metabolism can function normally. In this way you will feel that your sleeping is improved. This is possible because it has high amounts of magnesium in the zaatar. When you consume this mix, then you have more energy for doing the everyday activities.

Soothe inflammation: 

If you have aching joints and bug bites, then you should put za’atar on the inflamed areas of your skin. Also you can add this spice to your bread, salve or paste. If you suffer from gout and arthritis, then you should consume zaatar. It has anti – inflammatory properties which can help you to improve all the respiratory problems in your body.

Improves the mood: 

When you use zaatar in your meals, then you are decreasing the depression and you are improving your mood. In the Middle East this is one of the most popular foods for improving our mood. This mixture has oregano and thyme which have phenol as its component. They can improve our mood because they can regulate the release and regulation process of hormones in our body.

Circulatory effects: 

It has high amounts of iron which can help to improve the circulation of the oxygenated blood in our body. Hemoglobin needs iron. Iron is the key component of it. Hemoglobin transports the red blood cells throughout our body which means that we can be sure that our organs have enough oxygen levels.

Strengthen bones: 

They have high amounts of copper, magnesium, iron and calcium which can help you to have stable bone density. You should add za’atar in your diet if you want to prevent yourself from diseases which are linked as your growing older. Also this spice can prevent you from getting osteoporosis.

Immune system aid: 

This kind of mixture has antiseptic, anti – fungal and anti – microbal properties which can help you to improve your immune system. You can use it externally or internally. When you add zaatar in your meals, then you can keep your nervous system, respiratory system and gut at stable levels.