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4 Tablespoons Per Day And Say Goodbye To Clogged Arteries And High Blood Pressure!

We all want to live a healthy life and thus we do add some health boosting tonic in our daily life. If you are looking for such effective tonic so no need to rush to the pharmacy because now you can prepare this tonic at home.

It is a recipe from traditional German health manual which has the capability to boost your immune system.

This tonic will help you to get rid of clogged arteries issues and solve almost all cardiovascular problems. It is also effective to cure a common cold and infections. It improves the overall health and keeps your body protected from external infections.

Here is a simple recipe which you have to follow:

Things you need:

  • Purified water- 2 liters
  • Garlic- 4 cloves
  • Lemons- 4 unpeeled
  • Ginger- 4 cm or 1.5 inches


  1. Take 4 cloves of garlic and cut it into thin pieces.
  2. Take 4 unpeeled lemons and slices them properly.
  3. Put all these ingredients in the blender along with slices of ginger and blend it properly.
  4. Now, heat 2 liters of water in a pan and allow it to boil on low flame.
  5. Add the blended mixture to the boiling water and cook it for 5-10 minutes on low flame.
  6. Remove the heat and allow the solution to cool down.
  7. Strain the liquid and store it in a glass jar in your fridge.
  8. Take 2 tbsp of this mixture twice a day 2 hour before you meal to solve cardiovascular troubles and get rid of clogged arteries quickly.
Note- Don’t forget to shake the glass jar well before you take out the mixture as ginger may remain at the bottom of the jar.

The ingredients in the mixture are pretty strong, but you don’t have to worry as ginger will neutralize the smell of garlic and you will not have any bad breath problems.

Soon you will get clean and clear arteries and all your health problems will just disappear! Share your experiences with us in the comment box and pass on this incredible remedy among your loved ones.