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Reduce High Blood Pressure: 10-Second Trick!

High blood pressure is considered as one of the commonest medical conditions, which is a serious hidden threat to overall health. It is also called a silent killer because it does not cause noticeable symptoms or warning signs until complications are developed.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and kidney problems.

People suffering from hypertension often need medications in order to regulate their blood pressure. Besides changing their diet, less salt and fat intake and drinking lots of water, they can also prevent high blood pressure occurrence by consuming cinnamon.

Several studies have confirmed upper and lower blood pressure in grownups can be decreased by consuming the well known spice, cinnamon.

If you add 2 grams, or half a teaspoon, of cinnamon in your daily diet you will be able to easier control high blood pressure.

Also, cinnamon can be used for breakfast, as a spice in coffee or added in yogurt with cereal. It can be combined with fruit salad, consisted of pears, apples, honey and cinnamon.