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She Gave Her Husband 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Twice A Day For A Month. You Won`t Believe What Happened!

The diseases which are on the topic list are obesity, cardiovascular troubles and diabetes type 2 in the US as millions of people are every day suffering from it. The most shocking numbers are shown by scientists also claims that 2050, 15,000,000 of Americans every year are likely to developed Alzheimer’s disease.

A dedicated neonatal practitioner Mary T. Newport, M.D. has been studying different scientific aspects of Alzheimer from past 10 years. What she found was really amazing! She claimed based on the research that medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are very useful to slow down the process of development of Alzheimer. As coconut oil reaches sources of MCT, it is proved that it helps to prevent Alzheimer disease.

Mary not only studying about Alzheimer but also observed some of its symptoms in her husband too. Steve (58), Mary’s husband, was a patient of progressive Dementia from 5 years. As per his MRI results, he was likely to be at the next stage of Alzheimers disease.

He was suffering from the memory issues such as unable to get water out of a fridge or find a spoon. He was also a patient of depression and as suggested in the literature of Alzheimer  his depression can lead to the Alzheimer’s disease.

Important of MCT

In the case of glucose insufficiency generally, our body cells use ketone bodies as a fuel for energy. The most selective cells of our body are brain cells as they are restricted in terms of the type of fuel to be used to keep them alive. Glucose is the first preference for brain cells but sometimes it uses ketone bodies as well. As our body does not have this kind of bodies thus it is important to make them available in the body so that brain can use them to stay alive.

Extract Details About Alzheimer’s disease

Sometimes the nerve cells in the body fail to get glucose as a fuel for energy. Maybe due to insulin resistance so due to lack of fuel the nerve cells die off slowly. The process can go long as 10 or 20 decades before the appearance of the clear symptoms of the disease. In the case of glucose insufficiency, these nerve cells can survive if they get ketone bodies as a fuel. These are the same conditions as in diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and Huntington’s disease. Only the difference in these diseases is the location of action like the brain or spinal cord.

The metabolism for MCT oil is different in our body. This oil gets converted into ketone bodies and thus, nerve cell can use them as an energy source. The intravenous application of MCT oil can also lead to hyperketonemia. This indicates a large number of ketone bodies are used by the nerve cells during glucose insufficiency condition.

As per the research of Dr Newport the hyperketonemia leads to a significant (39%) increase in the blood flow in the cerebral area and thus reduce the cognitive dysfunction which is related to systemic hypoglycaemia in the patients.

The detailed research has shown that coconut oil contains no cholesterol and is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids. It consists of  60% medium chain fatty acids. Other sources of  MCT are palm kernel oil and breast milk. It is also found in small amount in goat and cow milk. The butter made up of cow milk is also a rich source of MCT.

After the confirmation of research, Dr Newport has started the coconut therapy for her husband to treat the Alzheimer’s disease. She bought 100 percent virgin coconut oil and started the dose of 2 tbsp every day to her husband. The coconut oil therapy went on for 1 month and the results were incredible.

The condition of her husband improved slowly right after 2 weeks of the treatment. He was able to draw a clock after 37 days of treatment and the improvements were unbelievable. The Dr Newport has concluded that her husband’s medical condition is improving with a high pace after use of coconut oil therapy. And also, one should try the 2 tbsp intake of coconut oil daily to get rid of Alzheimer’s disease.