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How to Tell If Your Eggs Came From a Sick Chicken (Plus How to Find Healthy)

Breakfasts are always better when they include eggs, and it doesn’t matter if they are boiled, poached, scrambled, or fried, as long as they are healthy. But you might have been eating unhealthy eggs your entire life without being aware of that.

First of all, a well-fed healthy chicken will give healthy eggs by passing the nutrients on them.But in order to get those nutrients, chickens must have fresh air, free space to move, and variety of foods, including rodents, snakes, and bugs.Chickens which live in a tiny hatch won’t give the same quality eggs like the free-range chickens.Proper nutrition is important for healthy chickens, and this was even supported by many studies. The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry explains that increasing the levels of DHA in the diet of chickens has influenced the omega-3 fatty acids found in these chickens’ eggs.

According to a report published by the Oxford Journal, chickens with higher beta carotene intake will give eggs with higher amount of beta carotene.

Therefore, we should always be careful when buying eggs in order to tell which of them are healthy. Remember the following factors when choosing eggs from your local farm or grocery store.

  • The color of yolk – the ideal egg yolk color should be deep orange, instead of bright or light yellow. In fact, the deeper the color, the healthier the egg. Once you compare several different eggs to see the yolk color and decide which supplier offers healthy eggs, you should stick to them.
  • Thickness of yolk – The egg yolks from healthy chickens are usually rounder and thicker. These eggs have more nutrients and better taste. So the next time you crack eggs, check out the yolk thickness.
  • Shell density and thickness – A healthy egg should be difficult to crack, so if your eggs crack by barely tapping them, you shouldn’t buy more from the same supplier. The richer the diet, the healthier the chicken, and the stronger the egg shells.

How to Choose the Right Eggs

The raise in homesteading and the development of the agricultural industry, offer plenty of options for choosing healthy and high-quality eggs.

You can inform about the raising habits of your local farms chickens, and if you learn that they are not forced to follow a vegetarian diet, and they roam freely, you should probably try them and enjoy their nutrients and excellent taste.

Another option is to raise your own chickens, of course if you have enough space and time. They can reduce your bug population, while feeding on the scraps from your garden, at the same time providing you with the healthiest and most delicious eggs you have ever had.

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