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Here’s How Red Onion Can Help Fix Your Thyroid Issues

When traditional medicine is too costly, to side-effect-laden or just isn’t cutting it, some may be tempted to try a more alternative, folk medicine approach. In the below recipe, onions are used to help mitigate issues revolving around the thyroid gland.Dr. Knjazkin from Saint Petersburg came up with this recipe, which also offers other benefits such as cleaner skin and blood. Follow the below steps to use this recipe successfully if you find yourself having thyroid gland issues.

  1. Grab a red onion of any size and cut it in half while getting ready for bed.
  2. Upon laying in bed, take both halves of the onion and massage your thyroid gland area with the insides of the halves.
  3. Here’s the rough part – you’ll need to go to bed without washing off the onion juice, leaving it to soak in the skin overnight.
  4. You’ll need to be wearing socks for this one. After massaging your neck, you’ll want to stick an onion half in each sock.

Hopefully when you wake up the next morning you’ll feel all better.


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  • That’s like going to bed putting a bar of soap between your sheets for restless leg