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Homemade Remedy for Asthma

This homemade folk remedy is a well known treatment of asthma, lung as well as the heart asthma.


• 500 grams red onion, finely chopped
• 500 grams sugar
• 2 lemons, squeezed
• 6 cups of water
• 7 tablespoons of natural honey

Put the sugar in a metal bowl and heat it on medium heat with constant stirring, until it changes its color. Next, add the onion, fry it for a minute and add the water. Boil everything on medium heat, until 1/3 of the water evaporates. Leave the mixture to cool off, then add the lemons and the honey and mix until it becomes homogenous. Leave it to sit for a while, and then strain it from the onion, and pour it in a glass container.
Take one tablespoon of the remedy before each meal, and continue to do so until you drink all of it. If your lungs don’t recover by the time you finish the first dose, then prepare another one and complete the procedure. This remedy is completely safe for children, and the dosage remains the same (one teaspoon before each meal).