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How I Cured My Chronic Pain + What It Taught Me About Healing

Life is wonderful, but only if you are healthy. On the other hand, diseases and health issue come unexpected and change everything. Like many people before her, this 24-year-old woman discovered that she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (she is now 54 years old).

On top of that she felt persistent pain. Soon after that, she realized that she needs between 10 and 15 minutes just to stand up from the bed and go to the bathroom. The pain was intense during the day too. The worst part is that the pain remained regardless of her position.

In addition, she discovered this condition in a very sensitive period of her life. She had two young children and a baby. She was well-aware that she should breastfeed the baby in order to keep her healthy and protected from diseases. However, this meant that she should forget about all medications except Tylenol.

The activities at the doctor’s office were usually focused on testing her ability to touch the toes, lift her hand and bend the fingers. Once the tests were completed, she had to answer how intense the pain was and the doctor just modified the quantity of medications. The doctors advised her to make another check=up after three months. It seemed like the doctors were just observing the progress of the disease.

So, while she was going back home from the doctor’s office, she realized that there must be some more efficient way to deal with this disease. She knew that finding an efficient healing method might be difficult, but this didn’t stop her. In the end, she found a way to cure herself.

Now, she lives a happy pain-free life. She also feels much younger than 15 years ago when she had to deal with this vicious disease. Now she’s trying to help other people.

This is How She Healed Rheumatoid Arthritis

Obviously, there are many people who are asking this woman about how she healed rheumatoid arthritis and she is glad to explain. Her story is not short because it took a while before she found the right method.

First of all, she started doing research, thorough research. She found all the books and articles about holistic health and read them. Even though some of the information found in these books was unbelievable she kept reading these books. She simply didn’t want to discard any solution.

Once she made certain progress, she figured out that there are some alternative methods that she can try. She tried every approach she can. For instance, she detoxed her body and started following a healthy diet. She also tried a wide range of natural concoctions and figured out how to find inner peace and be mindful. It is also good to know that this woman was among the first ones to try some alternative therapies like: reiki, trigger point therapy, quantum touch and EFT. Today, many people use them, but 30 years ago they were unknown and people were very skeptical.

While making these experiments and trying these methods, she started feeling better and the pain was not very intense as before. She believes that there were a few specific things that she has done that supported the healing process. First of all, she eliminated dairy products from the diet. She figured out that consumption of these products leads to inflammation and result in pain.

Today, this woman is completely free of pain. She is now able to listen to the body and implement changes if she feels that something is not right. Sometimes she just needs more rest while sometimes she may lack some nutrient. By taking actions right away, she prevents pain.

Here are a few things that might help people heal themselves. According to this woman, there are three things that people should know about healing in case they want to speed up this process or simply make it efficient:

1. Every Individual is Different and Different Things Work for Different People

This means that you need to identify the healing method and approach that provides results for you and stick to it. You should never put your health completely in the hands of others. Perform some research on your own and be prepared to test these solutions, but only if they are safe.

There are so many different approaches to healing, so waiting and sitting are not an option. If something feels right, then it is probably right.

2. If It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Else

Be prepared for failure. There are methods that work for some people while others can’t witness a change. This doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for a cure. As we already said, there are many different natural methods that can help you, so try the next one.

3. Handle Your Emotions

In case you are experiencing emotional blocks, you won’t be able to combat the ailment. If you handle your emotions in the right way, the healing process will be accelerated and you will enjoy a happier and healthier life. On the other hand, if you are blocked you only increase the risk of the emergence of some other illnesses.